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NagevNagev Raw Newbie

Hi everybody,

I’m just wondering if there are any people here who have experience with drugs. I’ve smoked pot a few times since I’ve been raw and I am probably going to do magic mushrooms in the near future. There are no ill effects from smoking pot but mushrooms would be going right into my digestive system; I wonder if anything weird might happen. Any advice?



  • Nagev,

    I know that there are alot of people who believe that pot is a harmless substance if used in moderation but it is very toxic. It has over 1000 toxins in it that settle in the brain and lung. I work in a long term care nursing facility and most of our residents are in their 30s-60s. All of these younger residents have some type of Dementia due to Alcohol, drugs and even just pot. I’m sure that they abused pot and I know anything that you abuse is potentially harmful but why take the chance. I grew up with 2 friends who smoked pot into adulthood, one has been in jail for the last 10 yrs and the other one is dead. I know these are extreme cases but please, your worth more than than taking that chance.

  • I used to use and abuse a few recreational pharmaceuticals when I was a teen and into my early 20’s. At 25 years old I was stricken with Ulcerative Colitis. I have no idea if there is any link but I see no reason in the world to ever use any kind of toxin to try to change my mood as being in good health is the ultimate good mood feeling. As you can see from my other posts, even caffeine, garlic, onions and spices cause me distress now. If you are raw there is no reason to want to destroy your body with toxins. My advice is to fast and detox your body, maybe then your urge to poison yourself will go away.

  • Okay Jenna, I admit I may have a more extreme view on pot and drugs in general than most people. I see the accumulative negative side effects of pot and drugs everyday I go to work. The patients that I work with seem oblivious to their current condition and still believe that pot is harmless. Anyway, I guess we will just have to agree to disagree on this subject :)

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Isn’t the point of becoming a raw foodist to become healthier? Why continue doing anything that you are already second guessing whether it is going to be harmful to you or not? Is it worth the risk? You already know that smoking isn’t good for your lungs whether it’s cigarettes or pot, who doesn’t know that right? But what “really” is it doing to your body now that you are eating differently which is mainly resulting in cleaning your body out? The one issue I’d be concerned about is that eating raw foods cleanses your body, and once your body becomes more efficient, the effects of any drug (legal, natural or not) would theoretically have a more severe effect on you physically, whether you can “feel” it or not. For example, stop eating meat for awhile, then go eat a fast food hamburger, and you can feel a difference in your body…however, sometimes what you “don’t” feel can be worst for you than what you are “feeling.” Hang in there, and take this to heart…I’ve listened to 2 different raw foodists mention the effects of drugs and medications on raw foodists. Here’s the jest of what was said, that someone that is a raw foodist really needs to be concerned about any medication or drugs because their body is much cleaner and purer and will react different, sometimes drastically different than someone who is not clean inside, resulting in major side effect, even to the extreme of death depending on the situation. THIS is why some raw foodists recommend wearing an emergency bracelet stating they are raw foodists and do not medicate. For example, if something happens and you are sent to a hospital and given any drugs (the hospital not knowing that you are a raw foodist and your body is much, much cleaner than a SAD type person) you would be at a high risk of having a major reaction to any drug. Soooooo, why risk it? Is it worth it? For more info that might help you to investigate this further, check out some dvds by Dr. Fred Bisci, and I believe that Matt Monarch also mentions this topic in his book. Every “body” is different, don’t judge what is safe by what other people say is safe and take heed when people say something is dangerous, aire on the side of caution and respect the body you’ve been given because you are worth it :)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Cannabis, cocaine, cigarettes and coffee are alkaloid highs. This means that when you take them they send your body into a temporary alkaline state which makes you feel high, because we are naturally meant to be alkaline it feels great!.

    The problem is though that this temporary alkaline state is not sustainable, you need to keep taking more of the drug to get you there, and when you come down, it swings you into a worse acidic state than before.

    The answer is to go raw and stay raw. After one year 100% raw I feel high most of the time, I guess due to the alkaline state I am always in.

    Some raw foodists eat their marijuana raw instead of burning it and smoking it, but they say it has a minimal effect on a raw body when ingested in it’s natural raw state.

    Rawmumma, I love the idea of the emergency bracelet, but I wonder if doctors would take it seriously seeing as being raw is not a ‘recognised medical condition’? Or is it our right to refuse medical treatment in this way if we are unconcious and can’t say ‘no!’

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Zoe, Matt Monarch talked about this at one of his seminars, and I thought it was a great idea also! I think he said he has a medical alert type bracelet or necklace that says no meds. Dr. Fred Bisci (off of a cd I listened to) refused drugs for a dental procedure because of how horribly he reacted to another med in the past while being 100% raw. He also spoke of a close friend that was in a serious situation and meds were applied, and he felt that is what caused him to die. I believe it’s a person’s choice to say no medicines/drugs to be used, but who knows if they’d listen to it or not?

    Interesting about the alkaline/acidic state! I never knew that before. I wonder if other meds, like antidepressants, also cause that type of reaction in people?

  • The hallucenogenic effects of the mushrooms are your bodies reactions to the toxins in these mushrooms. They are natural, but so is poison ivy. a rash is the bodies natural reaction to poison ivy. There is no good reason to do this other than youthful experimentation of fantasy escapism. I think you should instead look at the reasons you want to take these drugs before you worry about what they are doing to your health. Until you work these issues out you will continue to convince yourself that you know what you are doing, that you are in control, and that you are not harming yourself.

  • RawVegan4Health is absolutelly right about the toxins in mushrooms. What actually happens in you body when you eat mushrooms is the toxins react to whatever acidity is in your stomach and creates a sort of foam that makes its way up to your brain causing hallucinations etc. This is why a lot of people make a lemon based tea with their shrooms (lemon=more acidity=faster reaction). As far as drugs go, you name it I’ve tryed it atleast once, however I mostly stuck to pot, extasy, oxycontin, and mushrooms. I’ve been completelly clean from drugs for over a year now and I feel much healthier. One of my main problems I think is that I was definatelly doing them for the wrong reasons (masochism, escapism), and since I’ve been clean I’ve learned to deal with the things I was hiding from, and to care a lot more about myself. The one thing that is still hard is that when I smoked pot a lot I made some really amazing art, and now I feel like I can’t draw or paint a dang thing.

  • I have taken mushrooms on many occasions but the only time I took them while raw was a complete disaster! For one thing I didn’t really get that high and the whole time I just felt gross, like I could feel my body completely rejecting them. I was sweating profusely and just felt nasty and uncomfortable. Everyone else was having a great time so I’m pretty sure it wasn’t just a bad batch. I was just very aware that this was not a substance my body wanted. I don’t do drugs anymore and probably never will again but I’ve done enough to not feel like I”m missing out on anything. You’re pretty young though so I imagine you’ve got some experimenting to do still! At least mushrooms are natural and not some crazy chemical.

  • To me, the high I get from eating so fresh, raw, and pure, is WAY better than any drug I could ingest or inhale. And I have had my share of weed.

  • MammaCassa, amen sister!

  • devittlesdevittles Raw Newbie

    a common side effect of mushrooms in nausea. it passes though.

    if you do it, stay positive. get lots of sleep after (12 or more hours!) and you will feel better than ever.

    and i second jenna, let us know how it goes!

  • stylistchickstylistchick Raw Newbie

    i think as far as drugs go, its the safest, with mushrooms second. if you can even call it a drug. going raw i barely smoke, or even want to, but when i do the experience has been more uplifting and less of a stoned lethargic feeling. its certainly better than cigarettes. certainly safer than alcohol in every way. i think the problem with pot is the delivery,it would be best ingested or made into a tea, otherwise i think it is a completely medicinal plant. nothing works better for menstrual cramps.

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