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can anyone recommend a good magazine?..since i am not 100% raw or vegetarian/vegan and still cook regular but healthy food for my family, it could be any “whole/health” food magazine inc. raw/vegan/vegetarian or just one that has healthy recipes. I got a magazine subscribtion as gift and now i am on the look for a good one…thanks alot


  • Hi Sabrina1979, save trees and just subscribe to some other online communities and magazines – maybe your gift is transferable to an online form? E-zines are great, cheap and easy to peruse through. Try organicstyle, naturalfamilyonline, freshmagazine, vegetariantimes, vegetarianbaby. some of these come in online and hardcopy form. also just google some phrases and see what else you find. have fun.

  • Sabrina1979Sabrina1979 Raw Newbie

    mamamilk thanks for the online tip..i will check it out…i really suck in google-ing..i did nto come up with something usefull, but i sure will look for the ones you posted…thanks alot

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