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questionable ingredients

hello everyone. i have been lurking here and on a few other boards for about 3 months, so hello waves have been enjoying my raw journey so much and feel i’ve done quite well so far.

even though i am starting to want much simpler foods, i still enjoy mucking around in the kitchen. so, just as they keep popping into my mind, i thought i’d ask opinions on the following:

capers? i don’t know much about the processing of these little things, but there were some in my fridge to use and they really help jazz up salads and are great with things flavoured with dill. i have sea salted ones (which i rinse) and some stored in brine.

plaintains: i used to really enjoy these cooked with sugar, salt and spices i tried one (veeery ripe) sliced raw with the spices and it was quite nice. most people say they should always be cooked. anyone have any views? or recipes hehe

i have also seen breadfruit on my local market. in case i have a random urge to experiment, anyone know if this can be eaten raw? (never heard of it raw)

also i find if i eat raw onions i get TERRIBLE, painful bloating and gas. even the mild sweet ones. i dont remember it being this bad before raw hehe. anyone get the same thing? spring onions arent so bad (scallions/green) but still.. i find im starting to not really miss them but i’d like to know other ideas for preparing them. once i made cauliflower tabblouleh which was delicious but made me very ill, i cant work out if it was the onions or the cauliflower and i’m too worried to try again!

love and lychees ;)


  • I will only address the plantain and onions questions. As for plantains I actually love them more than bananas but for 2 reasons I eat more bananas. The first is they are not available where I live in organic. I prefer to eat organic for many reasons. Second is that it takes as long as 2 to 3 weeks to get to the point where I can eat them raw. The answer to your question is a total yes, you can eat plantains raw and they taste great. You have to wait until the entire fruit is all, and I mean all black and even starts to have some mold on the outside. Once in that condition they are sweet and soft inside and no spices, sweeteners or salt is needed in order to enjoy them.

    As for onions, your reaction to them just goes to prove my point (I made in other threads) that they are a toxic food. You are much better off having those reactions and thus avoiding them as they do not belong in our body. Just avoid them and you will be much better off.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    If onions don’t agree with you, you may want to try wild chives. I have them in my garden and much prefer them to onions, personally.

  • hi :) yes, i like chives and even spring onions far better, there is a small chive plant in my garden which i keep forgetting about :D i just wondered how many people have problems with digesting onions really.

    i just never remembered such bad pain and wind after eating raw onion on a cooked diet!

    i am beginning to understand people when they say onions/garlic etc interfere with various things…i read something about right and left brain functions, along with the boycott of them in some forms yoga. hmm

    i should research capers!

  • I eat onions everyday without upset.

  • I’m a Pitta body type, I can eat just about anything (except cooked food:) w/out any problems!

  • weird, according to most basic ‘type’ questionaires and things, i am pitta too. plus i never experienced problems at all before this! i used to think people who can’t digest peppers/onions as weird or just fussy haha.

    i dont know. maybe it was the combinations..

  • I recently received an ayurvedic consulation at the ashram I was staying at, I’m Vata/Pitta with an imbalance in both doshas (though I don’t know if that has changed since then). According to ayurvedic science, Vatas should consume lots of cooked (grounding) foods and avoid becoming fruitarians. In my opinion, I’ve been feeling nothing but benefits since becoming raw. I’m also not supposed to run, and I’m on my cross country college team!

    I think there’s a lot to be said for ayurvedia, but remember to take some things with a grain of salt. Being raw is about enjoying your food, so feel playful and try new thigns!

  • i have never heard of vata/ pitta body types what are these and where can i learn more?

  • Google Ayurvedia or ayurvedic science – “the science of yoga”. It maintains that everyone can be broken into three doshas, or categories: vata (air), pitta, and kapha. No one is exactly the same, and the ideal is a balance of the three. It is about natural healing techniques, primarily focused in eating habits and types of food but goes into gems and oils as well. People who follow this generally believe that you can heal yourself naturally this way of many or all ailments, including cancer.

    It’s a very intresting thing to look into, it doens’t hurt to boarden ones mind ever! For me, it was a very healing concept for someone just coming out of anorexia. Rather than eating for fitness or health or dress size, I was healing myself. It is a good way to put some love back into your food and body. PLUS it is fun to see just how closely the doshas can describe you!

  • Interesting. Every culture seems to have some kind of method to heal naturally. The Chinese have their herbs, the Indians have the Ayurvedia, unfortunately the pharmaceutical companies who are very wealthy are trying to change all of this and make everyone use traditional medicine and drugs. If anyone has the latest release of Living Nutrition you will see there is an article that addresses this. It is about Rockefeller and how he owned both the media corporations and the drug corporations and he wouldn’t allow any articles related to natural healing in the news so he can keep selling his drugs. He even tried to do this in China before they were communist.

  • Very interesting Socal! It’s funny that we think of “propaganda” as a communist term when we are saturated with it in our democratic society!

  • I’ve just cut out onions from my diet.

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