How long do avocados last?

I was cleaning out my fridge this morning and I found 2 avocados packed in the back of my fridge and I remember buying them about 2 months ago. Is this bad? Or can I still eat them? Are there any signs I should look for in an avocado gone bad?

Sorry, not so familiar with them.



  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    Wow…2 months, I’m surprised they don’t feel like mush, lol. The odds are high they are no longer any good. Avocados should not be kept in the fridge until they’ve been cut.

    Gently squeeze the fruit. If it feels firm with a slight give then they are probably good. Once you cut one open though, you will know instantly if it’s any good. It will have a nice green color. If it has dark spots and is gray looking, throw it away.

    As for how long avocados keep, that really varies. It really depends on how ripe they are when you buy them, the environment they are kept in (hot/cold) etc.

  • Actually they’re pretty firm, on the outside. I’ll see what she looks like on the inside, lol.

    Thank you so much!

  • KevlarKevlar Raw Newbie

    Avocados should not be kept in the fridge until they

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    I read recently that you can freeze mashed avocado. So if you find a bunch on sale just mash ‘em up add 1 teaspoon lemon or lime juice per avo, place in freezer bag and stick in the freezer. Defrost as needed for any recipe.

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