I'm new! (Gas and stomach size)

I was inspired to try raw by my raw enthusiast boyfriend, who follows 811. I eat raw most of the time when I’m with him and most of the time when I’m not, but sometimes I’ll have something like a serving of rice or hummus or oatmeal. Nowadays cooked food rarely appetizes me. I am drawn to raw foods and I feel better when I eat them. However, I can’t seem to eat enough. My stomach is too small to fit all the food I need. I like monomeals of bananas, but I just can’t eat enough of them in one sitting. I should be eating probably 5 at a time but I can only fit 3 at the absolute MAX.

My question is: how long does it take for your stomach to adapt to this diet? I can’t afford to lose any weight at all.

My other question is about gas! Whenever I have a high raw day (which has been common lately), I get really bad gas. Is this a form of detox or does it have to do with raw foods?

Thanks raw friends!

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