Website Update Today!

So I just wanted to give everyone a “heads up” that we’ll be pushing out some changes to the site today. As with last time, the changes shouldn’t be so much “visible” as they should be functional. Specifically, we’ve made changes in two key areas:

  1. Login and password retrieval. From now on, if you forget your password, you should be able to get it back from the login screen. Yay! This is big – I spend an hour each week helping folks get back lost passwords! This should free up some time to actually improve Gone Raw.
  2. Performance. Our updates, from earlier this year, didn’t solve all of our performance problems. As you are all probably well aware, the site still gets slow and weird sometimes. I won’t know right away, but we think we’ve fixed some big problems in this department.

These changes aren’t up yet, but we plan to put them in place in a few hours. While this is taking place, you might not be able to use Gone Raw, so don’t panic! We’ll be back sooner or later, and with any luck, better than ever.

Thanks again for all of your support.


  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Thanks so much Ray! I was wondering why it said “site is under construction”. Okay, it didn’t saythat, but you kow what I mean. I look forward to the update and thanks again. You guys ROCK. :)

  • We are in fact doing the update presently, so expect even more issues for the next hour or so!

  • Okay, today’s little update is complete. As usual, we very much welcome any comments and observations you might have. No, we didn’t add the four dozen features on our list yet!! But yes, we are hoping things are a little more smooth on here.

    Thanks again, and enjoy!

  • Just one final note about the update. Things went well, and a few more small changes here will make the site even faster now. We’re quite happy about that.

    However, a few of the images (for both recipes and for site members) will be “broken.” This is because they were in “formats” that are not permitted in the update, but were permitted in the past, such as BMP and TIFF files.

    If you notice any broken images, feel free to bring them to our attention, and we’ll fix them. If they’re yours, you can always update them yourself! Just be aware that the only types of images allowed on Gone Raw are JPG, PNG, and GIF.

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Thanks Ray, great!

  • Hi Ray, thanks so much for continually working to improve the site, I LOVE it! Today I have been experiencing VERY slow load times for links (3 minutes is the average) and also noticed that the little glitch of your post going up twice and sometimes the font changing is starting to happen again. Could be the problem is on my end but just thought I’d check. Thanks again for your hard work!

  • oops sorry, just saw the other thread where you state you are aware of the problems.

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