80/10/10 for non-sportive ?

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Hello everyone, i was interested by the 80/10/10 diet and i got some informations.Thanks everyone! But something i would like to know; i am not that sportive; does this type of diet will goes for me? I mean, i am working full time straight up and moving well but actually, i am a relax person at home otherwise.I am doing some stretching, dancing sometimes, but not to qualify me a sportive! Since i begun raw, i lost about 15 pounds in 2 months,i fell so much better! but the last 5 days, i eat mostly fruits, a few vegetables and thats’s it, and i can see that i gain a little bit. Maybe it will adjust with time?

Some people can tell me about their experience, thanks!



  • you will probably find that your energy levels will eventually support more activity than you are used to….dr.doug often talks about ‘earning your fruit’ as in exercising at a level sufficient to create the level of hunger necessary to consume the large bulk of food

    try posting your question here….


    there are may people there more qualified to answer than myself…you may even get a response from the author himself

    good luck

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