Bikram yoga question for Zoe

Hi Zoe,

You had mentioned in the past the you did Bikram yoga at home using a heater. I have access to a good Bikram studio but would like to start doing some yoga at home as well as the studio. I prefer to be at home but I still feel the need to go to the studio as well.

My question: what kind of heater did you use? Was it a regular space heater or a radiant heater? How big was your room you heated?

I want to set up a guest room as a heated yoga studio for days where I want to practice in the peace and solace of my own home :-)

Thanks in advance Joyce :-)


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi Joyce, My bedroom is about the size of 2 1/2 double beds. I use an electric heater that doesn’t have a fan, the warm air just kind of comes out gentrly from the top. I used to use a cheap electric fan heater. It is most common to use electric heaters here in England. I now have a full length mirror – which I would now say is a must! I don’t get the room as hot as it is supposed to be because I just can’t stand it. But it gets pretty warm then when I can’t breathe I turn the heat off.

    I have Bikram’s Cd’s ‘beginning Yoga” which is terrific, he is so funny and bossy I love him! He shouts and cajoles us through the whole routine. It is so good I really don’t mind listening to it every day. You’re so lucky having a studio near you. There aren’t any in the North of England where I live. I looked into becoming a teacher and yikes it costs loads, and opening a studio also costs loads because it is a strict franchise, guess that’s why they aren’t anywhere. Still, it preserves the quality I guess.

    How are you finding it? It just works wonders for me. I gave up for 9 months, I am now back on it, I feel so good ;)

  • Thanks for your reply Zoe! I don’t think I’d heat my room as high as the studio, just hot enough to make it work. Yes, a full length mirror is a good idea! I actually ordered the CD yesterday and look forward to it.

    I do love the studio I go to but now with the summer schedule, there are less classes. So the current classes have been packed and super crowded! I’m a person who likes my space so this situation has been a challenge for me. Lately I always get some big huge guy who puts his mat down 6 inches from mine. And as you know certain poses make this situation rather…um….lets just say I’m learning a lot about being patient and tolerable of icky sweaty situations :-)

    But the other reason I want to start doing some classes at home is for convenience sake. I just love being home and it’s just so much easier than going to the studio and getting home late.

    I love the Bikram yoga! My body is riddled with old sports injuries so I find it very soothing. It has sorted out a lot of current problems such as tendonitis, sciatica, and digestive issues. I did this yoga 5 days a week for 4 weeks prior to a big Italian holiday. I think the yoga was partly responsible for me surviving all the rich cooked pastas, cheese sauces, gelati, wine, lattes, etc.. (so glad to be back to eating raw though). But seriously the yoga was probably a huge life saver for that trip.

    Glad you’re back into the yoga again! I think Bikram yoga and eating raw are an incredible combination! Two sure ways to great health!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Yes abosolutely. I look forward to the day when I get to stick my nose up a sweaty man’s butt in a real class lol!!

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