Apple Cider Vinegar enemas?

I have read these are supposed to be good for treating candida,does anyone have any experience or results with this?


  • I haven’t done an enema but wanted to throw in an acv question: I’ve been drinking a mixture of acv (about 2 tablespoons) with cayenne pepper and 16 ounces of water every morning. I have it after a small cup of green tea but before any food or kombucha or anything. Does anyone know if a) this concoction is worth it for cleansing (I don’t enjoy taste too much) and b) if my timing is right for the most benefit?

  • Enemas are harmful and a waste of time. I had been occassionally doing them for 15 years with no positve results. An enema only goes as far as the colon. All the rotting mucoid plaque is in the 33 ft small intestine. The body is self-cleansing. Eat a 100% raw diet with lots of raw fruits and veggies, pure water, juices and smoothies and your body will totally clean out the natural way and your candida will disappear.

    ACV is toxic! Never consume it. Great for cleaning and as a hair rinse though.

  • jgfergus- Why do you consider ACV to be toxic?

  • and how do you use ACV for cleaning? Doesn’t it make things smell bad? (like rotten apples)

  • ACV can be used to wash fruits & veggies and it also help reduce mildew, germs and odor.

    As for it being toxic, this is what Herbert Shelton said; “Vinegar is not an evil merely because its highly toxic acetic acid content destroys ptylain (salivary amylase), but it also contains alcohol, which precipitates the pepsin of the gastric juice and retards or prevents gastric digestion of proteins. What wonder then that pickles and vinegar have been found useful in reducing weight. They cripple the first two stages of digestion. My readers should know that apple cider vinegar, which is so much lauded today as a “wonder drug” in folk medicine contains both acetic acid and alcohol and is unfit for use, not alone because it impairs digestion, but also because it contains these two virulent poisons.”

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