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I am wondering if anyone could offer advice in buying a dehydrator.

I’ve been doing research for the past few weeks and I believe I would like to get an Excalibur. But I’m really on the fence between the 5 tray model and the 9 tray model. I think that the power difference is 400 watts to 600 watts respectively. The 5 tray option could possibly be limiting, but I’m nervous about getting the 9 tray model because I read a critique somewhere that stated the noise the 9 tray model makes is prohibitive. I don’t know if that is true. I can’t imagine it being louder than a blender, but I do live in an apartment and hope to not disturb my neighbors.

If anyone has any suggestions and tips I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

Cheers, Ghostgirl13


  • it’s much quieter than a blender. it sounds like a quiet microwave. that’s it. it won’t disturb your neighbors. i’d spring for the 9 tray. i got it, and it’s proved useful (there are times i’ve made crackers/sundried tomatoes/ burgers and then i only deal with dehydrating once a week!)

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