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Is this proper cleansing before jumping into being raw?

What am i supposed to be doing to cleanse my body after eating all this horribleness? I have an idea but am not sure what I have been doing is completely correct. Basically I wake up, eat my neem leaf capsule followed by some milk thistle and of course MSM and then jump to my juicer and make celery,ginger, apple juice. Then I’ll do my morning thing..stretching and breathing(which is yoga i guess eh?) and of course a buncha h2o during all this. the next thing i’ll put in my body around lunch is a hempshake(banana,hemp,blueberry,raw chocolate,strawberry and agave with h2o). and i have been going just about all day before i need something solid in which i will make a salad. and i’ll eat neem,milk thistle, and MSM before the salad and shake. I guess what I’m asking is am I over/under doing the whole cleansing with all the neem and what not…should I NOT give into my hunger pangs by eating salad because I was under the impression u basically have to starve yourself to really detox? WHAT DO I DO??!!!


  • Master Cleanse, try it out. And depending on your detox you don’t have to starve. There are several ways to detox. Starving yourself puts your body on the defense and makes it think your dying so it shuts down to conserve it’s energy.

    When I detox I like to do Juice Detox. My body loves them and breaks it right down. But when it craves something solid I give it that. I’ll usually go though my books and or here and find something that is easy to digest and munch on that.

    Especially if your just starting out, don’t be so harsh on yourself. Best idea is to get with someone who can mentor you on it or go with someone professional who has the experience and knowledge to walk you though it. There are also tons of books out there. If your body is fighting it then it’s telling you something. Eat something solid then go back to the juice. Next day see if you go with out the solid, if not eat something again small and easily digestible.

    If salad is not working for you pick something else. Maybe watermelon.

    good luck to you~~

  • thank you so much! the juice detox sounds more ideal for sure. a raw mentor in the south? that’ll be the day.haha what books might you suggest though?

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Just go raw, it is all the detox you need. You don’t have to starve yourself, your body will detox naturally. Eat all the raw food you want.

    Cooked food is treated as poison by your body, when you stop eating it your body gets to work detoxing, You don’t have to force it any more than just eating raw food.

    Raw food is not a toxin, it is not treated as a poison so there is no harm in eating what you like.

    If you want to push it more I’d recommend fasting one day a week every week.

    Try reading Sunfood Success Systems by Wolfe, or 12 Steps to Raw by V. Boutenko, or Natures First Law the raw food diet, by Arlin Dinin and Wolfe. And Detox your world by Shazzie.

    And my husband and I have a website with free information ( that you have to pay to get on most other raw sites) visit us here: http://www.purelyraw.com

  • Yes Zoe, I have found that to be so true for me too. I just started eating raw food and my body naturally de-toxed and started healing itself. My thinking is if you try to make it too hard on yourself you will soon tire of all the rules and restrictions and you will lose your way.

  • My son had been raw for about 3 1/2 wks. when he experienced some stomach cramps that doubled him over. He laid on the couch and just moaned and moaned. Of course my SAD husband blamed raw and I was very concerned. He went to sleep, and when he woke up he was better, but later in the day he had a repeat bout with it. So what I did was to give him a cup of prunes which he was not thrilled about! Especially because of the snide comments being feilded about old people’s food! Any way, then I had him drink a cup of lemon and honey with some red pepper in it. He reported to us that he had good “results” from this! LOL! Then he kept asking for more raw lemon aid,and by the end of the day he felt much better! So I guess it was kind of a mini cleanse! Hope this helps!

  • well zoe you are the best i must admit! i did indeed spend some time on your site the other night(ok a lot of time and its set up well too..very pro looking) and its most definitely the best site i’ve come across for general information and specifics. thank you for everyones input i think im well on my way to a healthy life style

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