a question for the organisors

i would like to start a post in the ‘being raw’ section

my proposition is for an 80/10/10 30-day challenge

it would be a self-contained post for those who are interested to reference info, and relate any experiences that they may be having

it is not my intention to step on peoples toes, and i’m not proposing an ongoing feature….just thought that recently there has been much debate, resulting in a few people starting on this road…i just think it would be helpful for all of us who are trying this to group together for support

what d’ya think ????




  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    I’m not speaking for Kandace and Ray but I think that you should just go ahead and start the thread and see who wants to join you? There have been 100% raw 30 day chalenge threads and Master Cleanse challenge Threads, and Juice feasting threads recently. Just go ahead and do it! If you want to safe guard it against becoming a lengthy debate then why not state these wishes in the initial post?

  • yeah…..thanks again….just posted the roll call…ooooh, exciting

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