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fever danger?

i just got back from colombia today! what a raw food adventure! anyway, i got really super duper sick when i was over there and i was left with some questions… after hiking through the jungle and using some really nasty bathrooms i came down with a fever of about 105, and i wasn’t suffering at all, just really warm (i actually liked it)... my friend became really worried and started making the “too hot a fever will fry your brain” speech and insisted i take drugs to make it go down… so i took some aspirin… it made the fever go down… but it made me feel miserable! i felt so dizzy and nautious… anyway, my question is, how serious is the whole ‘dont let the fever get out of control’ belief? honestly i really trust my body and it felt good to have the fever, and its hard for me to believe that the body would naturally do something that could hurt itself like that…any raw thoughts?


  • Hello Kundalalita, Im from Venezuela ^ Several bugs can cause those symptoms in these jungles, anyway I always say the a fever is a good thing, it just means your body is rising temperature so it can burn some virus or bacteria. Usually we frutarians and raw vegans dont get sick too often, Ive been a whole year without getting sick except for a time that someone told me I needed cheese for living and I ate some and then I had stomach probs and I had to take medicine and that didnt help at all, it just made it worst than already was… My advice, stay out of drugs…even the legal ones hehehe Fevers can be really high for several reasons. my personal theory is that when you take drugs you debilitate you inmune system(the ones who actually are fighting the virus), so the thing just get worst… perhaps there is a raw doctor in the forums? ^ Glad to hear you where in this lands, you can visit Venezuela any time =D

  • I pretty sure if a fever is to high you are in danger of seizures and brain damage (at least with babies and small children) so uh be careful (try an ice bath that way u may still have a fever it just wont be as severe.

  • I’ve heard that taking an enema will also break a fever

  • ive heard that 2

  • elizabethhelizabethh Raw Newbie

    definitely, definitely a fever too high for too long could kill you or serious hurt you. in a situation where the option is let a high fever run its course or take drugs, i’d take the drugs. not worth my life or my brain!

  • me too

  • I don’t know – in my experience, aspirin doesn’t do anything for a fever. Sleep, sweat it out and drinking water has always worked.

    Myself, I just recovering from a UTI/kidney infection and I had a sudden fever, aches, chills for about a hour and it was weird because as soon as I let myself throw up – it completely went away. I just kept on drinking lots of water.

    True there in a place like Colombia there might be all kinds of buggies and other things that could cause a fever – Every time I watch “Man vs. Wild”, he always preaching about not to drink the water in certain places because it could make you sick.

    But if you felt good otherwise – I think you might have just been able to rest and ride it out. I think the body knows what to do.

    If you had the fever for like a week or something, then I would definatley investigate further. But I don’t feel there is any need to panic if it just started.

    What kind of raw food did you have down there? :) Sounds like a fun trip!

  • a fever of 103 or over is the danger zone for sezuires/brain damage/delerium/death

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    I had a fever of 105 as a small child and now have very “soft” brain injury from it. I hate to take drugs, too, but I would want to get that temperature down to a more reasonable number.

  • Vinegar baths to draw the heat out. Also you could drink a little vinegar water. I think 105 is a bit high, I’ve read 103 and under is safe and to let it run it’s coarse, but that if it gets over, to use cooling herbs or remedies. :)

  • aw man, i wish i could have taken a bath! i was camping so it was really difficult… well i hit 105 so i guess im brain damaged now. i was surprised because i havent gotten sick in a long time too… i was kind of thinking along the same lines that the drugs probably cause the body to try even harder to raise the temperature…oh well, but yea thats exactly what happened Allantgy! i ended up feeling worse!

    thanks so much for the invitation to venezuela! i just might take you up on it! i love south america, and maybe you have a good raw routine down in venezuela?

    queenfluff, honestly i was eating only fruit for pretty much the whole time…. the greens selection wasn’t so great ( although im sure if i knew how to forage in the wild i wouldn’t have been with a fortune)... i really liked it though because they have some delicious exotic fruits, and even the conventional ones are outrageous… such good quality and so delicious… as organic as you can get i think! i had bananas and mangos fresh off the trees! when i tasted the fruits they had rich undertones i had never experienced before… like eating a whole rainbow compared to one or two colors…

  • Oh, I misread it, I thought you had the fever AFTER you got back. Sorry. :)

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    If my fever is 102 or less, I don’t do anything as I know my body is trying to burn something off. Above that, I may take tylehol, cold compresses on the back of my neck and head and some GSE.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    wow…that is scary. my husband had a fever that high and he was hospitalized. chances are there was some type of infection and the body was fighting it off. the body uses fever to fight off infections and viruses, but there can be damage as a result. i am glad you recovered.

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