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My right arm is bigger then my left!


I know it’s because I’m right-hand dominant, but still, this really bugs me. Any way to get my arms to match up before I have to walk around too much sleeveless? Is it just a matter of working out the left one more?


  • Weight training.

    I’d buy some dumbbells and start doing curls with my left arm while at the computer.

    Here’s a diagram: http://www.beebleblog.com/images/bicepcurl2.jpg

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    I’ve known a lot of teenage boys to have that problem…

  • JDJD

    MOTH Yes, you should work out your other arm more. It will catch up. Everyones body parts are different sizes for sure so don’t go examining anything else LOL…just kidding. I’ve done it before and actually have to do it again because my left arm is smaller. Totally strange thing with me though is when I do curls, it’s my more muscular right arm that gets tired first…go figure LOL.

    Don’t stress, it’s no biggie to fix. When I did it in the past I just added 2-3 more reps per set on the smaller arm until it caught up.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    My left hand is smaller than my right – probably not so that anyone would notice, but I wear a half-size smaller ring on each finger of my left hand than the same one on my right. :)

  • I have that problem too. Except it’s most muscles on the right side of my body that are larger than my left. All the way from my shoulder muscles, biceps, triceps, down to my hamstrings, calves, etc. However, mine is caused by another reason. My hips are misaligned. Sometimes things aren’t always what they seem. It might be caused by more than just a dominant right hand. Just a thought.

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