RAW tattoo ideas?

I want to get a tattoo…and I want something associated with raw. Even just the word raw, in unique lettering would be cool. Any ideas? I want it to be fairly small, maybe about 1×2 inches or so. Also, I want to incorporate ‘Texas’ into it. Hmmmm…


  • food with a cowboy hat on top or a lasso around it!

  • I’m not sure the inks used in tattooing qualify as RaW… I wonder if you can find organic vegetable inks? or maybe you might be interested in a little more hardcore body manipulation like scarification (fire) or clay (earth) implants? Some very beautiful VERY unique stuff can be done and besides, tattoos seem to be so cookie cutter nowadays.

  • Yeah, I used to want to get a tattoo, but now EVERYone’s doing them and they’re not all that great for you. :/

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