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I'm New and have a few questions

Hi, I am new to raw (about 1 week now) I am struggling with making myself something to eat and making sure my husband and boys have something to eat. I am alone in this raw “journey” which makes it difficult too come up with ideas for me and making sure I have a dinner planned out for my family. My question is for those who are in a simalair situation…how do I balance everyones dinners? I also love sweets! What do you eat too fill the sweet craving besides fruit? I will be turning to the board a lot for support/motivation to keep going on something I strongly believe in! I also started a earth friendly products website www.organicsoapworks.net I am busy with that and my young boys (1 & 4) I am just trying to balance everything out. What are quick snacks on the go? I have been making green smoothies every morning for breakfast, but then I get hungry 1-2 hours after! haha…Any suggestions would really help. Thank you


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    yes, at first I had to drink 2 green smoothies. eventually they lasted longer. add some hemp protein powder too. but I do have a snack mid-morning.

    quick snacks: bananas, celery, apples, raw bars (raw revolution, smart monkey, lara or homemade ones), walnuts and raisins

    sweet cravings: well usually fruit does the trick but i also like raw cacao with nuts and agave if I am really craving chocolate. try some of the dessert recipes on this site too.

    as far as making dinners, about 1/2 the time my hubby eats part/all of my meal. i make stuff he likes so we can share some things. salads and he adds some cooked food. raw pesto and I use on raw zucchinis or kelp noodles, he can use on pasta. raw pates I can use a collard or cabbage wrap and he can have on non-raw bread. you see how it goes?

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    to stop the sweet craving i blend fruit or make fruit juice. i eat dates, and honey (or make date syrup if you don’t eat honey). cool that you started a soap company. quick snacks: flax crackers on this website (if you have a dehydrator), fruit is a great midmorning snack, take your own salad dressing and you can buy a salad while you’re out, zucchini noodles (make with vegetable peeler) with salad toppings and dressing, raw date bars (make or buy), sliced veggies and dip.

  • A fruit pie is really easy and you can eat a slice whenever you are hungry as it is pretty filling. I posted an apricot one the other day, my partner ate the whole thing!


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Hi there, First of all relax, you have found the answer to many problems with raw food. You can just take it easy and work raw into your life as slowly as you want. And you can, well, personally I feel everyone MUST, make this raw eating a thing of pleasure and fun, not diffuiculty and hardship.

    I suggest that you invest in some raw recipe books. If you do a search for ‘recipe books’ on the forums page on this site you will see many threads with tons of detailed reviews and suggestions where people rave about their favourite books. If you are short of money then you can order these books from the library and copy out the recipes you want to use.

    You can add an avocado, or a tablespoon of raw unfiltered oil to your green smoothie to help the sugars release slower so you feel satisfied for lonnger.

    Experiment with making recipes. Don’t try to transition with just salad and fruit, make this a journey of pleasure and make things that make you happy. Most recipe books aren’t complex.

    Eating without heating by Sergei & Valya Boutenko, Detox Delights by Shazzie, Hooked on Raw by Rhio, Raw Living by Kate Wood, Fresh By Sergei and Valya Boutenko, Ani’s Kitchen by Ani Phyo all are simple, quick and tasty.

    Stay away from Living Cuisine by Renee Underkoffler, Raw by Juliano and Raw by Trotter and Klein, these books are amazing but they’ll only stress you out as they are pretty complex! Best start with the easy stuff if you are pressed for time.

    Make thick creamy sauces to pour over veggies. My favourite is curry sauce over spinach, red peppers and green apples. Personally, I transitoned with: walnut cake, apple crumble, raw pizza, broccoli burgers, corn bread, flax crackers, strawberry and fig pie…yeah basically I pigged out for a year and a half!

    A dehydrator will make your life a heck of a lot easier. It is cheap to make dehydrated foods, and as they are dry it will help you make the transition easily. All raw foods are wet, but the normal sad foods we ate all our lives were often dry, dehydrated foods bridge this gap. And you can do cool things like make 36 pizza bases in one go in a 9 tray exclaibur, and then you just do some marinated mushrooms, pesto, tomato sauce whatever, each day and you can have a different pizza every day!

    Check out the recipes on my profile, click on my photo and scroll down. A lot of those recipes we sell through out raw food business, everyone, sad and raw alike loves them. They are all easy peasy, cheap and tasty.

    Also check out my husband chriscarlton click on his profile, he is a genuis with flavour, his recipes are amazing.

    Good Luck, let us know how it goes.

  • I know I’m going to feel like this is a stupid question once I find out the answer, but bloody hell—what does “SAD” stand for? (sorry, but I am a bit confounded because I never was good with acronyms). It took me forever to figure out BTW and OTOH. Cheers, gg13

  • Standard American Diet, BTW what does OTOH stand for? Hard to keep track of all the acronyms.

  • Oh, OTOH means “On the other hand”. It took me a while to get it myself, but I’ve always found acronyms to be a bit tricky. Thank you for deciphering “SAD” for me! :)

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