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Hello, can I just say that I am loving this site and can’t stop reading the forums and recipes at all times! I’m an undergrad- premed majoring in nutrition, and planning on studing to become a naturopathic dr. I was a vegetarian against the wishes of my family for 4 years before deciding to go vegan, then suddenly after I began college I fell off the wagon. I’m back now though, and slowly hoping to eventually become 100% raw. I love the way it feels so far, especially because I LOVE love love food, and trying new things! and I love to cook (or…prepare) food.I will be travelling shortly to Europe, and upon returning I plan on doing a cleanse then trying 100% for the summer (since I will have all kinds of time and resources on my hands). As a college athlete who trains starting a 6am and sometimes not finishing until noon (6 days a week), I feel it may be hard to stick to raw…no way I can get up early to make those green smoothies-my roommates will not appreciate it! and I also have no car (or money!). I’m really looking forward to getting clean this summer! Who knows, maybe it will stick. If theres a will, theres a way! Well thats me! Thanks for reading : )


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