Im only just starting out and experimenting wth raw recipes and juices.At the moment im having a pineapple banana ane rocket smoothie for breakie and some kind of salad for lunch. Im going well for the first half of the day,but then will gobble up almost anything in sight, without any thought ,in the evening.Any advice would be great! Also any great raw books worth getting ;)


  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    When I first started to make the transition I had the same problem. I’d be completely fine during the day but as soon as dinner time rolled around I couldn’t stay away from cooked foods. Soooo, to transition myself… I first stopped feeling guilty, and then focused on what I could do to make things better. I started off trying to eat a bit lighter, and if I had pasta, I would include a bunch of roasted veggies… from there I moved onto having salads with dinner… the salads kept getting bigger and bigger… then it went to tossing my roasted veggies or pasta noodles INTO my salads (which was quite tasty). And then from there on I just gradually cut back on the cooked foods and focused on salads or anything else raw that I felt like eating! This made the whole transition phase soooooooo much easier, but I think the key was to quit worrying so much about “oh no, I can’t eat this or that” and just focus on the GOOD progress that I had been making! Best of luck to you, hope this can help you a bit!

  • I agree with what Coconutty said. The past few days, I don’t know WHAT has come over me, but I can’t control my cravings! But this forum really helped me, looking over past threads and all the encouraging remarks left there!! It really did help to be reminded by so many successfull rawies that it’s all about personal balance…I’m altering my focus on raw-ness. Instead of thinking ALL RAW ALL THE TIME, I’m enjoying the path. It’s great to tune into your body and what you need, you learn onceyou listen.

    But haha I’m not perfect. FAR from it, my weakness is coffee, tea, diet soda, and spices for sure. And I miss my grains/bread. But I tried this and it worked for a while, having a green smoothie first thing in the morning, only fruits till noon, then a big salad with 1/2 an avocado and tons of veggies!! Avocado is what gets me through the day, I love it and crave it!

    It’s not so much the struggle at night you have to worry about, but how you begin your day. Night cravings are more because you are tired and you think oh I need to wake myself up with lots of calorie-dense (cooked) food!

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Sounds like you get to the evening and want comfort munchies type food. When I felt like that I ate raw comfort food. Raw Pies, puddings and pizzas.

    When I transitioned I just made lots and lots of raw food recipes which I loved, and filled the cooked food shaped hole in my belly and mind.

    I made raw pizzas, raw pies, raw bread, raw crisps and raw crackers, and ate and ate and ate. I had to feel like I was indulging myself and getting lots of pleasure to make it through dodgy moments. Yes I threw alot of food away and got lots of recipes wrong, but I kept on going and it really gets easier the more you do it.

    My dehydrator helped me make it through more than anything else, it was a brilliant investment.

    I also found that when I started to eat a large proportion of greens I balanced out and felt tons better, but it took me a long time to realise that. Also going 100%, really and truly 100% raw by cutting out things like macadamias, brazils, nori etc knocked my cravings on the head.

    Books I love are: Vital Creations by Chad Sarno – excellent tasty recipes using normal easy to find ingredients. His Vegetable Fu Yung and apple cobbler are amazing.

    Living Cuisine by Renee Underkoffler – Gourmet fancy raw food…her stuff needs a little tweaking to make them 100% raw but there’s fab stuff in there. Her Lower East Side patties were a staple for months.

    Hooked on Raw By Rhio, tons of very do able recipes very tasty and easy to make.

    Rawvolution – Matt Ambsden, very popular book with some good stuff, most people need to cut out the nama shoyu and salt, he uses it alot! His stuff tastes great without it.

    Raw by Juliano – great ideas, great recipes.

    Detox Delights by Shazzie, cheap and cheerful! I ate her pizza every day for about six months, I posted my version of it on here in the recipes section.

    Raw Food Real World by Matthew Kenny and Sarma Menghalis. Great Mexican recipes, and amazing samosas! Hope this helps :)

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