slow site?

Is this site slow for anyone else? It seems like it takes along time for it to come up.


  • nope I think is really slow too:(

  • nope I think it is really slow too:( What gives?

  • i always assumed it was because many members were here at the same time, tryin’ to post….but i often find i have to wait ages to access the forums only to discover a couple of people viewing

    sometimes it takes so long to access pages that my browser ‘times out’ , this leads to double posting, as you assume your post didn’t make it….hit the ‘save’ again only to find you are repeating yourself

  • You’re right, it’s still too slow. Every couple weeks we spend an afternoon working on the code, or hiring somebody to work on it, but the site keeps growing and for one obscure reason or another, it’s never as fast as I’d like it.

    We’re definitely aware of the problems exactly as you describe. Sooner or later, I do believe we’ll fix them! In the meantime, all I can do is apologize, and spend a few more hours trying to figure it all out.

  • thanks :o)

  • I’ve noticed this, too. Thanks for looking into it, Ray.

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