I just recently decided to “go raw” after my sister sent me an article about a woman who had suffered from debilitating fibromyalgia, depression, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, panic attacks, acne, and hair loss, etc. Apparently she felt an almost instant relief of symptoms/conditions after switching to a raw foods diet. I have developed the exact same conditions over the past ten years (I’m only 28!), and am perplexed as to how or why I have developed all of these conditions. I am also frustrated after trying medication after medication to either get rid of or alleviate some of the conditions. I did some research, and noticed that quite a few women switching to a raw foods diet were doing so due to suffering from the same conditions. Is it just a coincidence, or have there been links to these conditions and diet? Or are the conditions/symptoms really just one all-encompassing, mis-diagnosed condition?


  • Some people theorize that there is but one disease with all of these symptoms. Lethargy and constipation are supposed to be the first two, and heart disease, diabetes, cancer, etc are the final stages of this big disease.

    The SAD diet definitely brought on your sicknesses – at least in my opinion. There is definitely a problem when someone has all of that at 28 – not with the person but with the lifestyle everyone lives. Some people will go and say “well not everyone gets all of that by 28”. Well, they do by 38 or 48 or 58 – and it doesn’t matter if not everyone gets it…just because some people are more immune to SAD than others doesn’t mean you can say it isn’t a problem.

    There are people that will try to pull up stats about eating raw and how you will lack this or that – and even some websites that say it is HORRIBLE for you (very few). But they give us the SAD stats all the time. 2/3 of men will get colon cancer (and 3/4 of black men) at some point in their lives. They say that about so many diseases now. Those are the stats assuming you eat SAD. I think a healthy diet greatly reduces anyone’s long term chances of this sort of thing happening – along with positivity, avoiding chemicals, excersize, etc.

    This is no coincidence. The drugs you were taking were just treating the symptoms – even on drug commercials that you watch all day, they are clear that it treats “symptoms” of asthma, not the actual disease. It is a short term fix with long term consequences. Everyone on goneraw will have at least 5 medications that they could have bought (or that they did use) when SAD that they don’t need at all now.

  • Yeah what he said…. nicely put thecavsman

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