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Exhausted due to caffeine?

Hello everyone. For the past three months Ive been drinking everyday two cups of Oolong tea. Last week I decided to switch to green tea because I think is better for health. Also Im trying mate tea because some people say that in moderation is quite good as green tea, but now I feel tired all the time. Im sleepy in the morning even after my mate cup and I feel exhausted when I walk quickly or when I take stairs instead of elevator. Can this be the effect of caffeine detox? Also my mood is different. When I drinked Oolong I was active all day, my mind was wondering in several subjects at the same time, I was also very cranky and easily disturbed. Now… well Im just drinking mate and my mood is different, Im more like walking in the clouds =D


  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    hi allantgy, yes oolong has more caffeine than green tea. mate has no caffeine.

    since you just switched last week, i would say yes, there is some caffeine detox. but you are doing the right thing by gradually reducing your intake. i had a very long detox off coffee that lasted a few weeks. i was moody and headachy and tired. but don’t worry it passes. try some fresh juices, for me they really do a lot of benefit in lifting my energy.

  • Hi, thank you Bitt. I did some research and Im exhausted due to caffeine detox. By the way, mate does have caffeine, usually is mistaken with “Mateine”, but actually it has more caffeine than green tea. I think the best I can do is drink rooibos and flor de jamaica wich are totally caffeine free. Thank you for your help.

    How are you feeling by the way?


  • Hi Allantgy, caffeine is a difficult drug isn’t it? It definitely sounds like you’re going through detox from caffeine. When I gave up coffee after years and years I was really irritable and headachy for the first week. It was really hard because I work in a cafe and I make coffees for customers all the time, and I love the taste and smell. But my energy is so much better now without the caffeine – so much more even, and I don’t feel the emotional ups and downs throughout the day that I used to get while drinking caffeine.

    Rooibos sounds like a good option – no caffeine, and so delicious. I think that white tea is very very low in caffeine. And you can always go with the herbals. Good luck! Stick with it, the ends results of caffeine detox are totally worth it.

  • Hey Vilde_Chaya, thank you for your support words!!! =D You are absolutely right! Its 05:37 am and Im really drowsy. But I throw away my mate, thats how it works for me hehehe Yes, white tea can be very low in caffeine but not all the times. For the past months Ive been drinking and studying several teas. The caffeine content in every tea does not necessarily has to do with the color but to the tree itself. It depends on how old the tree is, the region where is planted, if is high on the mountains or not, the minerals in the soil and the time in the year. You can end up drinking something you believed it was green tea and end up with a espresso buzz (You know what Im talking about =D) Anyway is better to stay out of drugs, even the legal ones. I dont know why I never considered caffeine as a drug… Thank you again and take care! =)

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Yes I have exactly the same thing if I have cacao which has caffeine and it’s naughty sister theobromine in it. I get an initial high then the biggest effect is CRASH!! My mood changes I get snippy with everyone and just can’t relax even though I am tired.

    It over stimulates the adrenals which causes the high and low thing. It also is highly acidic which leaches minerals out of your bones, and there are so many more negative effects of caffeine, that is just the tip of the ice berg.

    I used to be able to enjoy cacao when I was transitoning, but not now, it is awful for me. I really can’t have cacao at all any more. Yesterday, there was a dish of it at the veggie co-op for people to try, and I had a couple of handfuls, and was totally exhausted that evening but had disturbed sleep.

    I drank coffee and tea, at least 5 cups a day from the age of 9, until I gave it up when I was 30! I think my body has had it’s fill of caffeine ;)

  • ZanzibarrrZanzibarrr Raw Newbie

    Yes I have exactly that, just right now, i have not been able to sleep all night and I m nervous today and I ve been taking lots of shazzies cacao powder yesterday evening. I guess I really need to stop that, it is pretty bad.

  • Hey Zoe!

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    i would need the rehab for sure! the more i am raw the less i am interested in cacao though. sure a tiny bit of it here and there is fun but no need really. i’d rather have some really delicious berries. yum.

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