Subsitute for Nuts and Seeds

With a nut and seed allergy, I’m looking for ingredients to use as a substitute in recipes. I know it would change most recipes all together to use a different ingredient, but anyone got any ideas?


  • You can try buckwheat grains. I personally do not recommend consumption of grains but these grains are used by many raw food chefs.

    Very often (if not always) allergies especially to certain foods are developed by eating the wrong diet. You might find that your allergies disappear after eating a clean diet for a while.

  • The best thing,in my oppinion is veggie soup. Like spinach,avocado,and any spice.If you give a break from seeds and nuts for a while you will feel great.That is what happened to me.

  • wow, I WISH I had your problem. If I let myself eat nuts, I’ll totally overindugle. I actually get a good amount of fat from my avocado (usually a 1/2 – 1 a day), but man those nuts…probably explains this wretched weight gain sighs.

    Anyway, I have heard similar things to what SoCal said. Perhaps a good detox would help with your allergies? I know that allergies do tend to come up during the beginning stages of raw-ness, and it take about 6 months for your body to completely detox.

  • Thank you so much for all of your replies! I hope that is totally correct and good food habits will change my allergies. I’ll keep you updated!

    SocaL, you don’t recommend consumption of sprouted grains?

  • If it’s just to get you off of cooked food and fatty foods then do enjoy the sprouted grains. For the long term grains are not a healthy option. All grains do not digest well in the body leaving undigested carbs in the bowels. This leads to leaky gut syndrome, bacteria consuming the undigested grains and creating their toxic waste products in our body. This is not healthy at all. Keep your consumption of them as low as possible until you are at a point where you can quit them.

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