NanoTubes in Products Prompt Health Concerns

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Nanotubes are a recent “enhancement” to many products we use and have approved for use without adequate testing for their impact on human health. About 8 months ago I had a conversation with an osteopath who advised she had just come back from a natural health symposium where concern over nanotechnology (not just the tubes) was being expressed. This technology is being incorporated into the items we use daily and also in numerous medical products and even medicines. She said she was very concerned with the information she heard in that the technology uses in medicine are believed to actually alter human DNA.

Here is a recent article I found on what may be brought to light in the future regarding nanotubes. Nanotubes and nanotechnology are yet another thing we need to become educated about so we can make informed decisions about identifying and using these products, which like GMO, do not seem to be labelled in any way to advise the consumer.

In Study, Researchers Find Nanotubes May Pose Health Risks Similar to Asbestos.


  • Meditating – Thanks for keeping us informed. I was not aware of nanotubes.

    Here is another article I read about nanotubes, after I read yours. It was written on May 20, 2008. I wanted to know more about the use of nanotubes. In this article, I found this comment……

    “At the moment we don’t know where carbon nanotubes are being used, what products they’re appearing in, what types of nanotubes are appearing in which products,”

    Here I learned more about how they are used in medical procedures.

    Nanotubes Used For First Time To Send Signals To Nerve Cells…

    Thanks, I had no idea.

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    SIMPLYRAW - That was a good article.

    I have sympathy for those who have lost limbs and need advanced prosthetics. My beautiful, sweet, intelligent 15 year old niece, who is an accomplished viola player, just discovered she has an agressive, terminal rhabdomyosarcoma in her arm. She is taking chemotherapy now, but it is likely to spread soon. They are trying to decide if they should cut her right arm off at the shoulder. I used to cry everytime I thought about it but now I just want to. She is such a mature and exceptional young woman. She said, “Well, if they cut off my arm I will just have to get a new one. That’s what people do in those cases.” I love her so much. If that happens, for whatever time she has left (as the 5 year prognosis with this cancer is not very good) I would love for her to have a high functioning limb and I can see how this technology might eventually help those like her but the long term effects in otherwise healthy people are questionable. Of course, no one will know until years after thousands have died as a result.

    I read some time back there was research where they were injecting nanotubes into the cancer cells and then heating them with infrared light to burn up cancer cells. I don’t think I would want these things running loose in my internal body. YIKES.

  • Meditating – I am so sorry. This is awful. However, by the way you describe your niece, she sounds like a beautiful person (spirit and mind).

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