Tonsillitis, again...

Hi Folks,

I hve been ‘sick’ on and off since Septermber 07. My doctor told me I had a virus but I felt it all but cleared up in the last few months. However, Im now on my 3rd bout of tonsillitis this year. Its really making me crazy, as I excercise (aerobic and strenght) at least 1 hr per day, drink green drinks for breakfast, slaad for lunch and most often a raw dinner (Im about 80%) I take multivitamins and am for the most part vegan (99%). I feel I do everything to promote good health in my body including relaxation and meditation. Perhaps its still part of my detox from cooked food (been transitioning since christmas). Anyone have any ideas???



  • Looks like it has been several months, it depends on your weight. You know Ive found that the key in these cases in not to be concerned too much for health. When I say this I mean that if you switched to vegan, raw vegan, fruitarian, etc… you should do it and thats it. No need to wonder any more about new diets and health because you are actually healthy. Sometimes when you pay too much attention to your body you can even develop illness out of nowhere. Try to go slowly on your exercises, if you can give yourself a rest for a week and I definetely recommend “Contemplation” which is quite different from Meditation. Good luck =) Hope you get better. P.S. It will be also good if you tell us what you eat that is not vegan or raw because I had several troubles when I was 90% raw and I eated bread =S

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    I’m not sure if this will help, but have your been drinking water? The amount of half your weight in ounces. I used to have mild tonsile “problems”... and it went away with water.

  • I drink about 3 litres of water a day which is more than enough. I love to drink water. I dont eat bread or wheat at all really. Just a little cheese and occasionally spaghetti if Im really craving it. Ive been really drinking plenty of water since the tonsil problem developed and it seems to have improved today although Im taking penicillen.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    you will heal because of what you LEAVE OUT of your diet, not what you include. if you are having cheese every once in a while your body is not going to go into healing mode. this is according to a very well-respected doctor, Fred Bisci.

    your body doesn’t heal from the food you eat, but the removal of obstacles out of its way, so it can heal on its own.

    it’s hard to take responsibility for the things we emotionally still want in our diet, but are not serving us. i am pin-pointing the cheese because it is highly mucus producing, and would affect the area you are having problems with. wheat is also mucus causing, though.

  • DAMN! youre right. I know, I was vegan for 2 years then started reintroducing cheese into my diet because of craving it strongly. I’d imagine that the bacteria coming with the tonsillitis may well have something to do with the cheese.

  • So thats it =) Is strange how people after been vegans come back to the cheese craving when they become raw (Ive been there). I lived of pure cereals before becoming raw and I had a strong craving for cheeses, but two things kept me away from them: 1 They taste like pure chemicals and 2 After eating it I felt like I was sick, something between a flu and a cold. I guess tha if you are detoxed your body is not ready to kill all the bacteria there is in cheese. I have a friend that once gave me an advice and it worked really good for me; “Forget about substitutes”, that means forget about vegetarian burgers, raw bread, cashew cheese, its never going to taste the same and is not going to help but to increase your cravings. I really dont use much recipes in my diet, I just eat everything straight as it is.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    yes in my opinion cheese is worse than meat or fish. stay off of it for a week and see how you do. in the meantime you may need additional support such as herbs or more supplements to get your well faster. can you see a non-western doctor (such as chinese medicine or naturopath?)

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