Making Your Own Dirt

I thought I would share this link about making your own dirt….

I have been trying to keep myself educated about issues involving our food supply (conventional and organic).

In doing so, I have realized we have to consider everything involved in this process. Which brings me to the dirt my food is grown in. The best time to start making your own dirt is in the fall. It can be done in the spring, but know the soil will be high in nitrogen. In that case you may need to add some rock-based mineral ammendments to create the precise mix you want and lower the nitrogen content.

Okay, as funny as it can be, manure has been on my mind…

I mean in making dirt you can call farmers and get manure from them for your dirt recipe. But who WANTS to do that right! I mean how do I know what that horse or cow was actually fed!! (Anyone with me….GMO grain…I do not think so.)

So, I was thinking worm castings. The blogspot I found seems to be on the same wave-length, in regards to my train of thought.

The only thing that I find myself also thinking about is carbon (brown materials) mentioned. Be careful with the items you choose to put in your recipe. You will find within this blog, that there have been some other sites to go to for more information. Use your head.

Example – What Not To Compost

I like how it is mentioned to watch Nature. Watch Nature as she goes about her daily chores.

If anyone has more knowledge or information on this topic, please feel free to share and educate us all.

It begins with our dirt.


  • Dry leaves and fresh grass cuttings along with your organic kitchen scraps makes an excellent composte. It needs air, so you can stick pipes in at various places in the pile. Also, It helps to turn it every few days. It can be made in a barrel, or in a chicken wire cage. Rabbit manure and urine is best for manure! It is usually free of the chemical stuff. It is black gold for growing healthy plants!

  • MeditatingMeditating Raw Newbie

    SIMPLYRAW - Thanks for posting this. I just recently discovered that most “organic” soil is filled with who knows what kind of crap. I guess you do have to make your own dirt to get unpolluted dirt in this country. It is just insane.

    I have a compost bin out back that my landlady owns but she told me she wants the compost. Since I put so much organic matter in there I think I might ask her if I can have some.

  • Meditating -

    Thank you. It was our comments on another thread that made me feel the need to post this. :)

  • I saw Aspire and Troublesjustabubble talking under the ‘Farmer in Chief’ thread about community gardens.…

    So, I thought I would remind those of us who are growing our own…. that winter is a great season to compost the lazy way…let Mother Nature do the work for you.

    I also I have taken a interest in wanting to start a community garden in our neighborhood. I have to admit my interest lies more in teaching the children how to grow their own. Getting their hands in the dirt and letting them breathe in nature. But the garden would be for all ages. All definitely would benefit. Benefit not just from the food but also from the simplicity of life. Stepping back from the materialistic; slipping into the old ways that are healing and inspiring for the soul.

    We currently do not have this opportunity in the city where I live. The way I look at it…it has to start somewhere. Eventually, I think it would be great to see neighborhood gardens all over. Medicine for the Soul.

    Anyway, I found this and thought I would share if anyone else was interested…

    Tips on Starting a Community Garden…

    BTW…Troublesjustabubble – I think it is Wonderful that you put your garden in your front yard!!!! :)

    For Everyone

    Please feel free to use this thread on discussing our gardens (Failures and Successes). Or to ask questions on gardening topics. I think it would be great to do since we are all interested in growing organically. A great opportunity to work and help each other in our journeys. Even though we live miles and miles away from each other. A common goal for the better.

    Happy Thoughts and Happy Harvesting!!! Many Smiles to All!! :)

  • Aspire and Troublesjustabubble

    I hope you do not mind that I brought up your conversation from the other thread. I found it to be a benefical topic.

    LOL!! :)

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    simplyraw! Thank you! It is rather liberating to do something a bit less traditional. This is such an important and wonderful topic.

    I’ve been making my own compost since I went raw(so easy with so many peels and failed recipes. hehe) and have a nice bin going. As soon as I’m done turning over all my beds I’ll be adding it in. I’m so excited.

    Gardening has been amazingly educational for me. This past spring I did a garden but it was small because I wasn’t raw yet. As soon as I went raw (May 1st) I regretted not doing a bigger one. So as soon as the hot weather abated I began my extension. I hope it’s not to big but I’m incredibly excited. The time I’ve spent out doors being active and watching the bugs and animals around me has been so peaceful and fulfilling. I do feel a little bad when I destroy multiple ant hills but they’re so thick in my yard it’s unavoidable!

  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    oooo I can’t wait to garden! I would love to make my own soil. This is very useful information in planning for next year’s garden. I need to start a compost pile – that’s my first big challenge. How to compost in the most cost effective, easy way… Creating dirt is a great question! I’ve often wondered how to make rich soil sans manure.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    My compost is as cost effective as it gets. haha. It’s free! and decreases the trash I send to the landfills each week. Which is another great subject to explore. How to keep our trash output low. We can compost more than we think and save in other ways like using canvass bags for your groceries instead of plastic.

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