cheese and flax crackers

I need a bit of help for the almond cheese… so now that the almonds are blended and in a bowl, I let them sit for 12 hours, but then what do I do? what exactly does:”strain them for another 12 hours” mean? and for the flax crackers, once I have my tomatoes, zucchinis… mixed with the flax paste what do I set the (brand new received today) Excalibur at and for how long? Many thanks! Kevyn


  • kevin7197kevin7197 Raw Newbie

    To “strain the almonds for another 12 hours” means to put the mixture in cheesecloth and suspend it in a bowl to let the ‘whey” drain off.

    I usually set my Excalibur at about 110 and I flip the mixture over when it’s about halfway dry. The amount of time really depends upon the moisture in your mix. Just check it every 2-3 hours.

  • ZanzibarrrZanzibarrr Raw Newbie

    thank you Kevin, I did that and, it smelled so bad in the end, I threw it all in the bin! I don t know what went wrong, should I mix the almond cheese paste when just blended with salt and oil first before straining them? Does it “mold” when it sits?? Anyway my jack lalane is dead, overheated! I ll have to wait a bit… :)

  • I just finished making almond cheese for the first time; I had researched a few different methods for making it and many other sites suggested using rejuvelac as a starter, which I did…. I didn’t bother taking the skins off cause I don’t care about the almond skins and couldn’t find a good reason why the skins had to be taken off…. I find the resulting almond cheese to be a bit on the smelly side; kinda reminds me of an intense rejuvelac smell plus sour cream smell but it’s a foreign kind of scent to me and the scent is turning me off from really giving it a chance in terms of eating it….. I wonder what other people’s smelt like (is mine supposed to smell like it does)... I know one friend who makes almond cheese says that you are just supposed to take the fluffy layer off the top of the fermenting almonds and compost the rest…. any ideas on almond cheese nutritional value?

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