smoking blender

Help! This morning while making a smoothie my blender started smoking and made a horrible smell. Does this mean I shouldn’t use anymore? It was kinda funny and scary – funny because I have heard of people going through many blenders in the raw food world and I feel like maybe I have been initiated. Any suggestions?


  • That happened to me before, a few times even! I was still able to use the blender for a while after that happening. I think it just overheats or something so it gives off a burnt smell and some smoke. I had a blender, the one i replaced couple months ago actually, that lasted me about 10 years, and it wasnt a “high powered” one or anything. It was a Hamilton Beach with a glass caraffe. It did that quite a few times, depending on what i was doing with it. If your blender still works,in my opinion i guess, i think you’ll be ok using it again. It should be fine next time you use it. Try giving it a break when blending to help with that happening again. Dont just let it run and run and run! Thats what causes it to heat up excessively and smoke! Good luck! Ps, I ended up getting another cheap blender cause thats all i could afford right now! Hey, it blends!

  • Depends on what kind of blender you have. I have a KTEC and, so far, it only once overheated and it alerts you (there was some smoke). I turned it off and unplugged it and let it rest for about a half an hour and it was ready to go again.

    In some blender it mean that the motor is burnt out though. In any case, I would let it rest for a while and than try it again. It could be that the motor just got overheated and needs a rest. Be careful though.

    Yes, you will”kill” many blenders being a raw foodie. (I killed TWO in one night once!) It is part of the initiation.: ) (just kidding!). Consider how blender-dependant the raw life is – not surprising how many we all will go through. :)

  • PamPam

    You need to give that blender a good stern talking-to. If you don’t smoke, your blender certainly shouldn’t! ;o)

  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    LOL! I refuse to be a victim of second-hand smoke!

    Well, I have yet to run into a smoking blender, I have 2 (cheap and expensive). But I’m fairly newer to raw, and I go through blending phases. Sometimes I blend alot sometimes I don’t. BUT since I’m currently in a blending phase right now, guess I better go knock on some wood!!! ;)

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