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Recipes for Un-Raw folks

I’ve been getting together with a bunch of friends and their kids for play-dates with my own 1 year-old. Usually, it’s for a brunch or dinner or picnic. I am currently 90% raw, and all-raw during the daytime hours, so I’ve been bringing raw dishes that are “normal” looking and tasting for the moms and kids as my contribution. But I’m running out of ideas. So far I’ve done: salad with lots of toppings, sliced veggies with raw hummus, and mixed fruit bowls. It’s great to see the kids going for the fruit and veggies more than the cooked food! What ideas do you have for easy-to-prepare dishes that wouldn’t get me a reaction of raised-eyebrows?


  • coconuttycoconutty Raw Newbie

    Dehydrated crackers and dips… salsas…

    I loooooove avocado “salads” with tomatoes, green onion, cilantro, parsley, fresh corn, peppers, touch of lime juice, dash of cayenne or sea salt (if you like)

    avocado and mango go well together as a little salad

    Try some different combos… tropical mixed fruits

    Raw soups! – That are meant to be served chilled

    “Sushi” rolls, or wraps. Those a very versatile and can be served with a couple different dipping sauces

    Lettuce wraps. You can serve with a variety of spreads along with a platter of prepared (sliced/shredded) veggies and raw “condiments” such as relishes

    I’m not sure about travel, but banana or coconut based raw ice cream!!! Frozen fruit sorbets are super easy

    Ok that’s all I can think of off the top of my head. Hope that helps you out a bit or a least gives you some ideas :)

  • Hi buffalorising,

    can I just say I love your name. ok back to what you asked.

    Have you considered taking dessert? I have seen great recipes for cakes and pies here. A luscious chocolate moussse piped into individual cupcakes with a nut based crust? Or even just fruit and a sweet dip made with agave nectar, lemon and strawberries. One sure fire way to win non raw folks over is to have them swoon over the incredible desserts we can make with raw ingredients…Go for it!!! :) Blessings, dea.

  • The best chocolate mouse EVER : avocado,cocoa or carob,agave or honey in the food processor. That is it!!!

  • kandacekandace Raw Newbie

    I served tapenade stuffed mushrooms at a party once and they went over really well – plus they’re easy to travel with. Also, a raw soup, such as gazpacho would be great. Good luck!

  • rawmamarawmama Raw Newbie

    Raw chips & fresh salsa (flax seed onion bread is great from Rawvolution cookbook). Cauliflower tabouli. Any of the vice cream “ice creams” would go over well if you can take frozen dessert. Spaghetti made with zucchini noodles (use a spirooli, saladaco, or just a potato peeler then slice into thin strips) and raw marinara sauce. Oh and if you have a food dehydrator, Coconut Macaroons from Raw Food Real World cookbook…YUMMYYYYYYYYYY!!!

  • How about some raw quacamole? Super easy to make – you could serve it with chips or veggies for dipping. Try some raw potatoe chips too.

  • Thank you so much- keep the ideas coming! The chocolate pudding sounded so good, that I jumped right up and made some. I’m going to try lots of these ideas. Deasmiles…glad you like the name. Buffalo, NY is my hometown, actually, and it’s going through a rebirth in a lot of ways. Now I just have to find a local raw community to share with.

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