Bread with Oat Groats?

Has anybody ever made bread in the DH using sprouted oat groats?


  • Hi there, I have added soaked oat groats into burger recipes and bread recipes just to add flavour. It’s not technically a raw food and is prone to mould, I believe, so I use it in small amounts. Sometimes I grind it up and use in cookies etc.


  • Thanks for responding. Yummy a burger sounds good so maybe that’s the call for my soaked groats. I’m over oatmeal for now. Thanks!

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    If you want raw oats, you can order sproutable oats from – they also sell oat groats, so just make sure it says they are for sprouting, not the groats. And I keep telling people about this website, but I have yet to order any, so tell me if you use them – I’m curious.

  • angie, I am lucky to have the organic raw sproutable version at our one and only health food store in town. So they sprouted beautifully. Overnight soak and then 24 hours at a 45 degree angle and they were perfect. So I did use them in a new raw burger recipe today and both my hubby and son (3 yrs) loved them. I will post that recipe by end of week.

  • Oh and fyi I took the rest of my sprouted groats and am currently making Terilynn’s oatmeal cookie biscotti. The batter was scrumptious so I am looking forward to munching the results in the AM.

  • For my part, I use sprouted oat flour (I bought my sproutable oat groats from to make nut-free pie crusts... Just add agave, honey, maple syrup or dates with a little bit of salt for a DE-LI-CIOUS graham pie crust (no dehydrator needed!)... I also made chocolate chip cookie from sprouted oat flour, dates, melted cocoa butter and cocoa nibs, plus little bit salt and lucuma... WOW! I dehydrated these a few hours, but they where delicious without that step (I made raw ice cream sandwiches from those cookies, with a banana ice cream with half a frozen avocado for extra creaminess :) )

    If using sprouted then dehydrated oats, ground into flour, it make a really dense texture...

    BUT (!) you teased my curiosity, so I've jut put some oat groats to sprout... I wanna try these loved ones into a "mana" kind bread... Maybe with some grated carrots, raisins and cinnamon... yum! I'll came with my results within a week!

    Hope it helps!


  • HAHAHA! I've just realised that the topic is from...2008! Funny...

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