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Are cashews raw?

I’ve seen heated debates on this matter. Are cashews truly raw? Even though there is some heat applied to the shell, does that still cook the nut?

Take a look at the experiment one person did here: http://www.livingtreecommunity.com/store2/faqs….


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Very interesting. If that is the case it would be very nice, as I sure do miss my cashews!

    Has anyone tried to sprout (not just soak/germinate) ‘raw’ cashews? I would love to hear the results. I think I might try it!

  • Please do try and please let me know. Cashews are my favorite. I am by no means raw, but I am trying to integrate a higher percentage of raw foods into my diet. I’ve been vegan for years.

  • Cashews will be heated at high temperature to crack out of their peels. Think about it: Most nuts have a hard peel. When you are soaking them they are more digestible. On the other hand, I like a lot of seeds, have no hard peels and are good to digest.

  • humanimalhumanimal Raw Newbie

    I bought organic cashews from my co-op the other day and I was able to sprout them. I guess you cant really tell when you get them raw?

  • Thanks humanimal. I really hope “raw” cashews are raw. I’d hate to have to order them online from the one place that claims to have true raw cashews. They use no heat in processing, but they’re so much more expensive and I can’t walk just down the street to my co-op. :)

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    If the caustic coating on the cashews can burn the person trying to get them out, how do the truly raw cashews get out of the shell, and then how do they get the caustic coating off so we don’t eat them? Anyone know?

    Yeah, Humanimal, I am so excited that you sprouted some cashews. I think I will get some on my next trip to the grocery and see if I can do it too!

  • This is how the company in Indonesia does it: http://www.rawfood.com/cashews.html

  • I soaked some “raw” cashews from New Seasons market for a few days on accident and they sprouted.

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