Sprouted Lentils

Are sprouted lentils considered a carbohydrate or vegetable?


  • As far as I know all sprouts are low-carb

  • EvaAfricaEvaAfrica Raw Newbie

    All sprouts are super high, if not the highest, source of protein, but lentils and other beans act like a starch in your digestive system. The enzyme that breaks down starch in the stomach breaks down beans. Lentils are also one of the rare food groups that have a good amount of carbohydrate as well as high protein content.

    The concentrate of protein and enzymes and nutrients in sprouted lentils is more intense than any other food, because it's a seed getting everything ready to grow a plant out of it.

  • powerliferpowerlifer Raw Newbie

    They are considered a legume, as evaAfrica explained there high in protein, have a decent carbohydrate content aswell as being rich in fibre.


  • depending on how big the sprout is though.

    it's hard to find accurate nutritional values of sprouts in their different stages.

    Surely, perhaps the longer the sprout the lesser protein it has. That's why I like my sprouts small, where the tail is about the same length as the bean or if a little bigger At least for protein rich sprouts.

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