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I know I am always recommending Grapefruit Seed Extract (GSE) to others on this site to the point where members may wonder if I am heavily invested in the GSE industry. I’m not. I have just found it to be a strong, natural, broad spectrum antimicrobal and like the idea of using something non-toxic that isn’t damaging my body, the environment or making Pharma rich(er).

Recently I came across a site, which I previously linked on another thread here, where it was reported that GSE was found to be an ineffective antimicrobal and commercial GSE only worked because it was tainted with a dangerous chemical substance, primarily benzelthonium chloride. This set off alarm bells in my head but at the same time I had previously researched the product and knew that testaments to its usage as such dated back long before these chemicals were ever invented and I could find no product liability judgments against any GSE manufacturer. So what is the truth?

I have always used a brand called Nutribiotics. I emailed the company a few weeks ago and asked them to account to me for the published storie sand explain how they processed the GSE from start to finish, also accounting for the inclusion of any synthetic products. The following day I decided I was unwilling to wait for a written response and called three times, each to speak with someone in the legal, quality control and marketing departments. I was very satisfied with the responses I received, which were uniform in explanation. Today, I finally received a response to my email. I include it here to share this information with you. This same information appears elsewhere on the web as a response to others voicing GSE concerns.

Thank you for your interest in GSE. Newsgroups and email groups have received postings to the effect that GSE contains triclosan, benzelthonium chloride, or methyl paraben. The reason is that GSE is very similar in molecular weight to both benzelthonium chloride and triclosan, both of which are effective disinfectants, but are toxic to human and animal life. Some tests for BC, triclosan, and methyl paraben come up positive (which is more correctly called a “false positive”) and the same is happening for triclosan.

Meanwhile, Citricidal (the brand of GSE NutriBiotic uses) has been tested for the presence of these toxins by independent labs, and has been proven clean. (Ex: Weston Gulf Coast Laboratories, Inc., University Park, IL, test completed in March of 1992. Tested for heavy metals, Cyanides, Pesticides and PCBs and Benzalkonium Chloride. Results: None Detected.) In fact, the accusations about triclosan (used in many dish and hand soaps in the US) became so frequent a few years ago, that Citricidal began specifically testing each batch of GSE for its absence, and providing a Certificate of Analysis to that effect.

The truth is, Citricidal is not only effective, it has been in use for many years (20+). If these allegations had any validity, there certainly would be a history of complaints and judgments against the product, and it would have been removed from the market many years ago. The US FDA made inspections of the Nutribiotic manufacturing facility back in the 1990’s and found no chemical preservatives; and the formula is the same today. Such rumors are false, and are not a threat to those armed with accurate information. The reports are certainly bothersome, but they have produced “false positives”, not accurate profiles. The vast body of evidence from many years of use by thousands of satisfied consumers, doctors, manufacturers, and veterinarians, speaks most loudly against such reports. Citricidal and NutriBiotic GSE are proven, safe, and effective products.

Here are the steps of GSE production:

1) Grapefruit pulp and seeds (the by-product of expeller-extracted grapefruit juice) is dried and ground into a fine powder.

2) The grapefruit powder is dissolved in purified water and distilled to remove the fiber and pectin.

3) This distilled slurry is spray dried at low temperatures forming a concentrated grapefruit bioflavonoid powder.

4) This concentrated powder is dissolved in vegetable glycerine and heated.

5) Food grade ammonium chloride and ascorbic acid are added, and this mixture is heated under pressure.

6) This material undergoes catalytic conversion using natural catalysts (including hydrochloric acid and natural enzymes.).

7) This slurry is cooled, filtered and treated with ultraviolet light.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have further questions. Thank you.



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    Meditating, your research is VERY much appreciated. Thank you for the post. Be well!

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    Hi there,

    so,is GSE Nutriobiotic safe? It does or not contained benzelthonium chloride,triclosan or methylparaben? I am a bit confuse with all info.laughing

    thank you

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