Help My cousin was Dx with Alopecia Areata

Does anyone know about this condition? Wondering if Raw food diet might help? I read an article that stated it could be caused by an immune sytem disorder. There is not a cure and she has a large blad spot on one side of her head and she is losing more hair everyday…...I feel so bad for her so any advice would be helpful Thank you


  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Yes. I know a lot about hair loss… because I had high stress when I learned I was adopted. I was 25 when I found out, and just graduating, leaving home, finding a new job, moving to a new state… in addition to the news. Talk about high stress.

    I would think raw food helps. Someone posted about their hairline getting thicker! (have you noticed? lower hairlines make one look younger)

    Alopecia Aerata is a male pattern baldness. It’s interesting that she is losing hair on her sides. Back then, I was diagnosed with telogen effluvium, hair loss due to stress. A second diagnoses said alopecia aerata. So, of course, I couldn’t believe either… especially since alopecia aerata is mostly at the top of the head. I lost most my hair on the sides, (no patches/spots). I went to CNHP class, and learned that hairloss on the sides means there is something not quite right with the lungs. I didn’t look into it further but I did have anxiety symptoms (not breathing deeply). This happened after my stressful news about the adoption and after 9/11.

    Later, a nutritionist told me it was due to high fat diet (not raw fat). The fat was clogging my hair follicles causing my hair to fall off. So, I took 1-2 Tbs of flaxseed a day for 2 weeks and I didn’t wash my hair for that week. It was AWFUL, my hair was greasy! But, after 2 weeks, my stomach couldn’t handle it… but I did notice less hair loss. So I modified the amount… to an amount my stomach could handle.

    After that, I noticed green smoothies helped too! I still have hair loss every now-and-then, but I ‘up’ the intake of flaxseed (good fat, omega 3 and omega 6 if I can find it) and green smoothies. And yes, stop eating fried food… even stir fried. Use water for “frying”, NO OIL! I also practiced breathing deeply! I still think lungs could be related here. I won’t recover the hair I lost on my sides (I don’t think so… since it’s been years), but one could hardly notice.

    My hair is doing much better for the last several years.

    I’ve also been through two cleansings. The last one I went to at The Voice in the Wilderness Mission grew may hair an inch or two in 10 days! Good blood circulation to the scalp, I guess. :o) That reminds me, I think someone mentioned about blood circulation to the scalp, but I didn’t try to figure out if that worked for me.

    Foods with silica, selenium, inositol, flaxseed, greens (its probably the minerals or amino acids), can’t remember them all but, definitely watch your fats!

    Just my personal experience. I’d love to hear more advice from others and also hope this helps your friend.

  • SuzicalSuzical Raw Newbie

    I’ve never had alopecia, but have used this product with good result: Viviscal. Google it or find it explained in great detail here:

    I seem to recall reading in Eating For Beauty (by David Wolfe) that hair loss is a product of loss/lack of mineralization. Perhaps try to get some green smoothie going on.

    Here is another product you might try – I don’t think it is raw, but it really helps me mineralize up and stay consistently that way: Mt. Capra Mineral Whey (

    Best of Luck!

  • Thanks for all you helpful info. I will pass this on to her..

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Your welcome. Hair loss (for a women) is not fun! It can be very stressful and ends up causing more hair loss. Just remember it takes two months to notice changes. Although for the flaxseed I took every day for a week, I did notice results sooner.

    Suzical, what you mentioned about loss/lack of mineralization fits in with my green smoothie experience! great.

    Later edit: I should ask if your friend has diffuse hairloss? It doesn’t sound like it if she is loosing hair in patches. If the latter is true, she probably may not have alopecia areata.

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