I’ve never cooked before but now I want to make this RAW salad with it. It has a fuzzy skin how do i prepare it?Thanks.


  • Hi Mham!! I was getting ready to post a recipe using okra! I love it! I used to cook it all the time(and still do for my family) but came up with a raw version of how i used to cook it. Its also good just as a snack the way it is. Its crunchy, like a raw green bean, and i like the taste. It can feel kinda gooey but i dont mind it. All you need to do is wash it like any veg and trim off the top stem and its ready to go. I trim right where theres that circle. I throw it away and eat the rest. Cut it up and add to salads. A good one is cut up okra tossed with crushed garlic, olive oil, chopped tomato, squeeze of lemon, and salt and pepper. If you let it marinate a while the flavors are pretty good. Thats what i make all the time. I’ll post a pic and recepie! Enjoy!! ps, nice to see someone else will be eating okra!! :>)

  • THANKS Mishmish! So its ok to eat the fuzzy skin,good to know.

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