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Calculating your Raw Percentage?

How do you determine what percentage raw you are eating? I always see people saying they are “95% raw” or “80% raw”. How is this calculated? By percentage of calories? Weight of foods eaten? Number of raw meals? How do you determine your raw percentage?


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i have no idea. when i wasn’t 100% i used “high raw.” there’s also, “some raw” and “a lot of raw.” =)

  • Probably calculated through sheer guesswork. You can think about it in terms of how many of your approximately 21 meals a week you eat raw—i.e. if you’re eating 2 non-raw meals a week, that’s 90% raw. Or you can think about it in terms of whether you eat raw except for a few things that are up for debate as to whether they’re truly raw—some types of nuts, nori, agave, and so forth. I’ll add to pianissima’s phrases that some are “raw ‘till dinner” or “raw during the week.” Gabriel Cousens thinks an 80-90% raw diet is just as optimal as 100%, while others find that there’s a whole new world once you’re 100%. Ultimately, it’s probably most fruitful (no pun intended) to discover through experience what works for you, keeping in mind all the myriad possibilities of what may be true.

  • From what I understand it has to do with calories- the percentage of calories taken from raw food versus calories taken from cooked food.

  • I’m not really sure how to calculate the exact percentage, but I think I go with the idea similar to audrey, but I like what pianissima does lol

  • worleyhimself2worleyhimself2 Raw Newbie

    i dont know either. for each is own if u will. i measured by the mass of it, but calories sounds like good idea. as much as i like math, i just go 100%.

    i wouldn’t get caught up in how much raw you do, just do the best you can on a given day. if that day it didnt work out 100%. don’t repeat the same things you did. thats defined as insanity in the business world. pay attention to yourself everyday. and eventually youll get their. remind yourself why u are doing this. or u can go to wal mart and remind yourself by the people walking around lol. take the information on a raw food diet and customize it to you. juicing is great! but for me i rather smoothie it up.

  • I think it’s just an estimate. At least for me. :D

  • For Audrey:

    My understanding is that Gabriel thinks 80-90% confers huge health benefits,and gives the advantage of a slow detox rather than going 100% straight away, but not that it ‘as optimal as’ 100%.

    ‘Gabriel Cousens: ‘Without doubt, 100% live food is the best diet as it supports spiritual life and compassion and turns you into a superconductor of the divine. It’s the Olympic approach.’

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