blending vs. juicing..

Just read an artical talking about how juicing brings more sugar to the body and states how too much sugar in the diet in the form of carrot and beet/apple are linked to cancer so it is better to blend in the form of greens etc.What are your thoughts? Thanks.


  • I know that when I did a veggie juice fast my blood sugar was all over the place. I was always hungry, tired and irritable ( more than just detox ) and my hair fell out in handfuls. I am currently on a green smoothie cleanse and besides a few detox sx I’m doing great. My blood sugar is real stable, I’m never hungry and I have absolutely no hair loss, infact my hairdresser said that my hair felt thicker. My mother has had the same effects with juicing and blending. This is just my experience but I prefer blending over juicing.

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    I have at least 1 green smoothie a day, if not 3!! I think they are great! I have been feeling really good, losing weight, lots of energy, and no food cravings. I love green smoothies! I wrote about the positive effects I’ve been feeling on my blog. You should also check out the green smoothie expirement for more info!


  • Thanks,very helpful! I just googled the green smoothie experiment.

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    I prefer blending. The only time I juice is to juice citrus… and that juice usually gets added to a smoothie with other whole fruits. I like to make creamy citrus smoothies so I’ll often blend 1 or 2 oranges (or grapefruits) and then add the juice of an extra grapefruit or so. I just prefer to be consuming the whole fruit or veggie I guess.

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