raw diet + supercharged metabolism?

amberablueamberablue Raw Newbie

after all i’ve read on the raw diet, i haven’t really looked into the metabolism issue, and i’d like to confirm just how fast a person’s metabolism can get on the raw diet.

i’ve been 75+ raw the past 2 years, and 100 for almost 3 months. i’ve been eating essentially the same balance of foods since going fully raw…in other words, no really big changes in the combination of greens/fruits/seeds/+, or any drastic caloric changes. i’ve been extremely satisfied on this plan, but suddenly it seems i am absolutely starving almost every day. my digestion is also super fast, almost immediate. i can feel the energy of my burning metabolism. while it feels great, and i have began eating significantly more, i feel i am experimenting in the dark, and it is a big job trying to add in more calories, and to maintain the right balance of foods.

i am curious about this, and would love to hear others thoughts, input and experiences. is this basically similar to the ‘trying to keep/gain weight’ issue? i just hadn’t realized that it would start happening this way… that i’d need to start eating like crazy : ) if so, it could get quite expensive! i do tend to eat pretty constant, and i am also wondering if that in itself is the contributing factor. and so far, my weight is not an issue so i didn’t really see this coming.

your 2 cents please!


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    You probably need more fat and/or protein in your diet. Slow oxidisers need less fats/protein because they metabolise food slowly, if you’re speeding up too much and hungry all the time, you need more protein and/or fat. Experiment to see what helps.


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    i doubt you are eating the same amount of calories as before. take a HUGE bowl of spinach for ex (as big as four of your own heads). put it in a wok with some oil and lo and behold it is now the size of your palm. what happened? loss of water, loss of nutrients, loss of integrity.

    i too feel as though i am navigating in the dark sometimes, but first thing is to give up these ideas of the “right balance of foods” i think. according to whom? as far as i can tell there is NO consensus whatsoever in the raw food community and is it our task to find what fits for us. this is (and has to be) trial and error.

    i will say that FOR ME, fat is not the answer. i find it solves the calorie issue the quickest, but down the line it makes me feel gross if i eat till i’m full. eating A LOT more greens than you would ever think possible is A MUST for me (in green smoothies, or juices, or salads, wraps). and recently, i find that eating fruit for calories is a better idea than fat.

    you are going to get VERY different answers from everyone i would guess, this isn’t just a diet, it’s a reinvestigation and disorientation. but to paraphrase eckart tolle, it is only when we start to QUESTION who we are, rather than take it for granted as we have most of our life, that we come closer to the truth.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    Wow, pianissima – I love that paraphrase!

    amberablue – I have had a high metabolism most of my life, but it slowed way down a few years ago. Since eating raw, it is back up, & I think it’s because my thyroid is now healed so my metabolism is working better. I hear you on expensive – I eat around 3,000 calories a day (or more) lately, & it definitely costs me a lot more than when I was eating 1,800 calories of SAD food per day, but the difference in my health, energy & happiness is something I can’t put a price on – although I DID put a price on the money I don’t have to spend for the prescriptions I no longer need, and that was a lot more than the extra amount I spend on food. :) I have lately started buying LOTS of whatever fruit & veggies are on sale for the week, besides my usual greens & avocados, and I’m finding that I still get a great variety of foods & nutrients, and feed my body what it needs for less money than when I shopped based on the recipes I wanted to make for the week. Also, if you need more calories for not so much more money, sunflower & pumpkin seeds are super cheap compared to nuts & hemp seeds, bananas are higher in calories for the price than other fruits, and lentils are cheap & easy to sprout for more filling/higher calorie salads, etc.

  • amberablueamberablue Raw Newbie

    thanks ladies. some good insights here.

    sweetpea: you are right on; i actually noticed i was low on my protein lately. metabolic type is something i hadn’t thought about.

    pianissima: i’m with you on the greens and the ‘navigation’. i feel this first year will bring many adjustments and experimentation… i also love that you pointed out that the entire community is still learning and growing…

    + thanks for your advice as well angie. just to clarify, i’m definately ok with the price of it all, it’s just that a 50% increase kind of surprised me when i’ve been doing raw for less, for quite some time. ah well, just more dishes of it to eat all day i guess : ) there’s nothing to complain about in that!

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