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80/10/10 and how I feel about it...

seizeseize Raw Newbie

Hey everyone! Been away from the forum for awhile as my life has led me in many different directions – none of which seems to reserve any time for the computer (though that isn’t a bad thing!).

For those interested in trying 80/10/10 diet by Dr. Douglas Graham, do it!! I have been raw for nearly a year now and while I loved the diet, the seemingly lack of energy, lethargic feeling almost always, and overall irritability were so hard to deal with. Of course, as most of us do I put it off as ‘detox’ symptoms. I now realize that the body will never detox itself in a manner that causes harm nor so with ‘unbearable’ symptoms. They are usually bothersome but never unbearable and should never persist beyond a couple of days (doesn’t mean they won’t come back as you continue to stay raw and other toxins are released).

I have been on the 80/10/10 diet now for 2 months and I have never felt more alive, fulfilled, energetic and correctly balanced.

I used to eat cacao regularly to maintain energy levels, along with seaweed, honey… all the ‘necessities’ of being raw as we’re told and led to believe. After the elimination of these foods and eating simply on 80/10/10 everything feels right within my body.

Now.. to those that still eat those types of foods, please don’t take this as me judging you because I am not. I simply want to share my experience.

A few words of advice if you attempt to try this different approach to raw.

1) You will feel weak early on therefore it is imperative that you work out.

2) Don’t get discouraged when you initially feel weak while working out. I did for several weeks but now the further I get into the workout the more energy that seems to plummet itself upon me and the longer I can go… sometimes I don’t even want to stop but have to make myself do so.

3) Eat your lbs. of fruit around people and watch their jaws drop. Aside from being funny they usually ask questions which no doubt leads to a little explanation (at least for me) and helps maintain the motivation to stay on the diet.

Anyways, I noticed some of you starting a 30 day trial to see how you liked it so I figured I’d share a little. Best of luck to those on the trial and to those that decide to pick it up.

Warmest always,




  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    Thank you. I started the 811 challenge for the month of June and I am loving it. I’ve discovered new avenues of freedom I never knew existed. My whole life I’ve had guilt-hang ups surrounding food, namely being afraid of eating a lot of food and “getting fat.” With 811, I find myself eating INCREDIBLE amounts of fruit and veg, and yet I can feel my body changing; releasing weight and becoming stream-lined. I know how to satisfy myself now. And I can eat all I like, all that I need to feel that satisfaction! My energy levels are impressive and I know I am going to see further benefits the longer I go. I no longer seem to want complex raw foods; only the simple beauties of fruit. This is such an adventure.

    Thanks for sharing your story.

  • thanks dave

    i don’t know if you’ve had time to follow our challenge, but you’d be most welcome to drop in and share your tips

    if you have the time, of course



  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    I follow my body, not what someone says, including Dr. Graham (although I learn something from each author, guru, doctor, etc.) – I guess I missed the part where everyone has to eat honey, seaweed & cacao to have energy :) Sometimes I eat a lot of cacao, sometimes I eat a ton of fruit, sometimes I eat seaweeds, sometimes I eat honey, sometimes I stay completely away from anything sweet (including fruit), etc. – my body knows what it needs. Different opinions & eating plans give me options, & then I do the things that feel the most right for me. I’m glad you found something that is working for you.

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    seize—i’d love to hear your story, because i tried this for 2 weeks and i feel awful. the first weekend i got what felt like a fever (at best nauseous), and now my face has broken out and i feel really tired. i am getting A LOT of greens, but here’s the thing: i was eating healthier before this diet. i don’t eat honey, or cacao, or even seaweed really. and i ate a LOT MORE greens when i was having salads for lunch instead of mounds of fruit.

    i see that this diet works for some, and i love the simplicity, but it was just too much fruit for me. i was sneezing again too (haven’t sneezed since i was SAD).

    anyway, thoughts?

  • MOTHMOTH Raw Newbie

    I’m also breaking out, more then I used to. I’m just trying to grin and bear it as I feel it might just be a phase. I also went through a phase a few days ago where I was dragging and very tired, but it seems to go away if I exercise and then I have energy the rest of the day.

    Fun times…I enjoy hearing of everyone’s bodily experiments. :-p

  • TomsMomTomsMom Raw Newbie

    It made me ill. Hallucinations are not what I call “detoxing”, but I know that diet works well for others.

  • seizeseize Raw Newbie

    Pianissima – I felt exactly the same way you are describing… and nearly gave it up. My legs and arms felt really weak in the joint areas and at times it felt like a struggle just to get out of bed. My performance in the gym when lifting weights plummeted. I could only lift a fraction of what I used to be able to. I got so tired and felt like I always needed to sleep. Plus when I first started I felt these incredible sugar rushes to the point where I almost felt dizzy. This really worried me at first especially hearing my whole life that ‘too much sugar is bad.’

    I now understand the lightheaded and cloudy feeling that accompanied the fruit was due to excessive fat buildup. It took me about 3 weeks with absolutely 0 overt fats (I get all the fat in my diet from the fruit/vegetation that I eat) before I really noticed differences leaning towards the positive such as an increase in strength, stamina and incredible endurance. I can even focus on tasks at work and at home for hours on end without the need for breaks.

    I also sneezed quite heavily and had horrible stuffy noses every morning for those 3 weeks also. I even remember waking up in the middle of the night with a fever and a pretty intense headache. However, determined to see the positive side, I stayed with it. I knew a couple of weeks was too short of a time span to really see any form of positive reinforcement to stick with it. My shear motivation and belief it just feels right to eat this way is what has kept me at it.

    I find now that the morning time until late afternoon I desire nothing but fruit and in the evening I naturally want greens and less sweet fruits/vegetables. Early on tho I did find it difficult to eat ‘so’ much.. Once again as time passed with no overt fats it has become easier… and easier every day.

    OH one more thing (sorry for the scattered thoughts, I’m hurrying so I’m not late for work). I have had Tinea Versicolor on my chest and back since the end of fall. I tried EVERYTHING to clear this crap up. From tea tree oil, selsun shampoo (yea I was that desperate), a no sugar (including fruit) diet… which by the say was a terrible idea due to loss of energy. Nothing would stop it and it continued to spread. I am happy to say that after being on 811rv, mixed with the exercise and sunlight the TV is GONE! No more spread and the spots have faded back to my original skin tone.

    Pianissima, I’d say stick with it for a couple more weeks and see how you feel. Quick question – did you eat seeds/nuts regularly as I did before you started 811?

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    seize—actually, i didn’t eat THAT many seeds (no nuts). but i did eat a little more fat for sure than recommended. i just HATE the fact that i am breaking out. i actually caved and had some zucchini pasta last night with a 2 TB of olive oil, so i might need to start the process all over again. i think i still made it out of the day without exceeding my fat “limit.”

    thanks for your thoughts. it really helped to read that.

    i might also need to exercise more. right now i am riding my bike about 1-2 miles a day, and doing an hour + of yoga, but maybe that’s not enough for this diet. i just feel it’s awfully time consumptive to eat that much and then have to exercise that much. i work a lot and play piano (which i can’t really walk around with…) and i don’t want this to become my life.

    i’m going to watch my fats, but eat a LOT more greens and see how it goes.

    any other thoughts would be graciously heard…

  • queenfluffqueenfluff Raw Newbie

    seize – that is really interesting about the TV - I have had the same thing (mine was in white spots that wouldn’t tan) but it appears to be gone this summer as I have been tanning all week and I am relatively dark now (well,dark for me!) and I have only a few spots here and there. Nothing like the patches I had before!

    I like the idea of 811 but I don’t think it is for me really. No spices or cacao – I don’t know if I could deal. I know lots of people love the 811 though.

  • seizeseize Raw Newbie

    pianissima – I started to break out also (and still am). Apparently fruits cleanse much faster than vegetables. The left and right side of my neck tightened up severely (seems that’s my area of detox) which followed by pustules in those exact areas which have cleared up now. A little tip for you since the breakouts bother you so much. Go to a health food store and buy a bottle of pure lavender oil. Apply it (no dilution) morning and night on the breakouts (I actually rub it all over my face and neck). It will dry the breakouts up w/o drying out your skin. Don’t worry about the strong smell – it fades after about an hour. As far as the excercise, yes, I’d amp it up several notches. It doesn’t have to take over your whole life either – usually I can do an intense and strenuous excercise in about 30-45 minutes. I can push it to 2 hours if I run… And I usually ALWAYS workout outside. I thoroughly enjoy hitting the parks and the jungle jim (thanks to Richard Blackman for that idea); however when I do go weight train it’s pretty funny seeing me (a little 125 lb. guy) lifting more than some people that are nearly twice my size. Who’d of thought I can lift more at that size than when I was 148 just over 2 months ago…? Crazy. So much water released. Truly amazing.

    queenfluff – Used to load up on the cacao all the time and LOVED the spices. Interestingly enough I was skeptical when Dr. Graham said that after awhile those stimulants and irritants would be offensive to you. Sure enough I don’t like the smells anymore (even onions!) and the other night my roommate ordered a pizza and it put me in a state of nausea just from smelling it. And I used to be a pizza fanatic. At any rate I am here for support for anyone that needs it. Even if it is some friendly words of encouragement. It’d be my pleasure to help in anyway I can.

    Warmest always,


  • that’s quite incredible that after a year of raw, your body still retained such an amount of water to keep the toxic load diluted

    were you eating a lot of salt while doing ‘standard’ raw ????

    it’s really great having your experience here…your welcome to pop over to our challenge thread at any time…i know your advice and experience will be very welcome

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Dave your experience with this is fantastic. A real help. When you said that your neck tightened up what do you mean exactly. This seems to be my chronic weak spot too. I lift weights and muscularly the left side of my neck was killing all last week. Seems gone now. And I stated on the other 811 thread that I have strep all of a sudden after being cold /flu free for almost two years. I don’t like attributing everything to detox but could this be part detox with all the fruit/no fat thing? The other thing that has me puzzled is that thanks to all the fruit I am peeing constantly but I’m not even seeing water loss showing up on the scale in the AM. Any input would be valued. Thanks!

  • seizeseize Raw Newbie

    el-bo – Indeed. Sea salt was my best friend in almost every recipe I ate along with Dulse right out of the bag. I was amazed at the retention of water also. I also felt like several other people on here thinking “this can’t be right…” because I felt horrible early on. But when you realize why you’re feeling awful – it becomes easier. As many have said before – food will not cure you – but proper nutrition, positive outlooks, clearing of your mind, fresh water when necessary, clean air, strenuous exercise (I mean think about it… our mind loves to learn just as our muscles love to burn) – ...will ALLOW your body to heal itself. I’m a firm believer that you are your thoughts. If you think you cannot do this change, you won’t. If you believe that you can… truly believe – then you will. It’s all about conscious and subconscious thinking. :)


  • seizeseize Raw Newbie

    Marichiesa – Glad to be of service! :) The tension in my neck would be best described as a pulled muscle… or maybe a crick in the neck when you sleep the wrong way… but still different. Hard to describe.

    Interesting to hear about your strep. I do know that Streptococcus is a bacteria that can and does lay dormant in many people. Perhaps the cleansing properties of the fruits (and hopefully lots of greens/vegetables later in the day) has given the body the opportunity to eliminate that unnecessary bacteria. This; however, is only a guess on my part. Did you take antibiotics or did it subside naturally on its own?

    In response to the water retention piece:

    Everyone’s body is totally different and it could be that your body continues to retain the water in order to dilute a heavy load of toxins. The speed at which you desire to relinquish this water may not be up to your standards because perhaps there is something else ‘going on inside’ that your body must deal with first and foremost – hmm like the Streptococcus…? Stay strong and if you haven’t already, I strongly suggest you reading www.rawfoodexplained.com/index.html as Natural Hygiene is a big part of 811rv and may shed some light on why you got sick all of a sudden. :)


  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    thanks seize. thanks for the lavendar oil tip. that is so funny because my mom just came back from france and brought be a whole flask of pure oil. i also went and took a sauna, which made me feel great. i will also heed the exercise advice. i already know about the jungle gym. =)

    actually, i was fortunate enough to be over at a BBQ today… and since the main activity was eating (and oh mu god i’ve never seen so much meat!) i spent most of the day swimming in the (non-chlorinated! heaven!) pool. i feel SO SO SO much better when i have that much time to exercise. i don’t really do running of weight lifting, so my main exercises take longer to feel “done.” i’ll see what i can work on… esp. in the winter! (it snows here!)

    anyway, thanks!

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie

    Hey Seize,

    Thanks for your response. I am eating lots of greens too! And my crick in my neck was exactly as you described yours Verrrrry interesting. I have not gone to the doc yet to get antibiotics because things did not start feeliing horrid until Sat AM and the office was closed. But I was the strep Queen from about birth to age 17 so I know it when I have it. I am reluctant to take antibiotics but I don’t want to get worse. I’m gargling with Grapefruit Seed Extract but nothin so far…..And you may have a point about the whole toxin/strep/water retention thing. Its worth waiting to see how it all evolves. My gut ( pun intended) tells me that as the strep moves out the next shed will start manifesting.Fascinating stuff!

  • pianissimapianissima Raw Newbie

    thanks also for the website. i’ve noticed that lemons are mentioned as a toxic condiment, notably because you wouldn’t eat them on their own. i would though. actually, i have been known to eat them straight from the tree, peel and all. my mother used to have to pull me away… do you guys eat them?

  • MarichiesaMarichiesa Raw Newbie


    I love lemons too. Have since I was a kid. But this past winter I started having exagerated artritic-like symptoms from ingesting them so I cut way back.Things improved drastically and now I eat them once in a blue moon. I’m also older than you (40) so my body finally said “enough with he lemons already.’ I found that when I hit about 35 my body began refusing all the foods that I had previously eaten without problem. Personally, I think that the big payoff for low fat raw really begins to show after 40. Thats when so many even ‘healthy’ people start to show their wear and tear.Raw Bliss is great @ 20 ( or even 40, 50 etc..) But good health, ease of movement and clear headedness is something I hope to have into my 80’s. Whew. done blathering. ;o)

  • robertagrobertag Raw Newbie

     Hello .. new to this website / forum ... I have been part raw for a long time and am finally reading 80-10-10 and it makes so much sense!!I am on day 4 of 811 and i am hoping for changes to some long standing issues.  I am a tiny thing of 4'9" very active biking, hiking, yoga, and have dropped 4 lbs!!!, looking to lose a few more down to 102 or so. 

    Any comments on the following are appreciated:

    Looking to heal 50 years of allergies .. thinking if i was eating high fat raw (and sugar) could all that fat be repelling water out of my body since water and fat dont mix?  I am always thirsty, have dry skin and very dry sinuses and I think they are already a bit less dry. 

    Detox symptoms ... how long do they last?  I am needing to do enemas as my bowels were very sluggish since i started this (dry elimination system for the same reason).  I am looking forward to all the fruit solving that issue. 

    Recipes? I know there are a lot of mono meals .. i need some help with tasty simple salads.  When i have hung out with 811 person i know, their zuchini noodles with lots of tomato/fruit sauce was OK but not great  .. help help for a few basics

    Looking forward to being in community with you all .. looking at all the flax, hemp, cacao, coconut oil high fat foods that i was eating way too much of .. wow ... 

  • ClaireTClaireT Raw Master

    Welcome! I never really went through detox but I transitioned gradually. The recipes on this site are amazing. Go through them. You'll find something to love! 

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