Hello from beautiful Eagle Nest, NM

My profile gives the whos and whys about goin raw.

We ordered a 3.5+ hp blender and are looking foward to smoothieing our way to good health. Hoping to get it by Friday so we can do a total raw smoothie weekend.

Looking foward to doing some learning here and in the sharing of tips, ideas and recipies, as well as some support and encouragement.

Support and encouragement is one thing we lack, as we live in (and are new to) a small town of 300, we don’t know anyone who is even faintly raw.

Also, being a Christian (an ooc {out of churchianity} one), most other christians think eating raw is wacked out (even though that’s how God initially inteneded us to eat)

And being a Christian seems odd to most rawist / vegetarians.

So I guess all around we just seem weird to most people.

We don’t plan on being legalists with our raw, if someone who isn’t raw or vegitarian invites us over for diner, we will go and eat with them. But we will also try to introduce them to some raw food stuff to try.

If there are other raw christians here, I would like to chat to see how you make it all fit.

If there are others here who have or had the weight problems as my wife Pam (or if your a beader) and would like to talk with her, drop me a note and I’ll give you her email.

Looking foward to this journey.


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome! Keep us up to date on your raw smoothie weekend!

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