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Why do You eat Some cooked food?



  • ajcajc Raw Newbie

    I like you post #7 kandace.

    I have printed it out and will read it when I feel discouraged for eating cooked food.It is like I've let myself down and I'm not good enough. I think when you let a way of eating rule you and not you rule it,you are asking for failure.

  • FeeFee Raw Master

    My eating of cooked food these days is mainly when it is given as gifts that I am unable to then take and give away elsewhere. For example last week two of my sixth form class baked using wheat free flour as they know I have a wheat intolerance, and they wanted me to be able to join in with the rest of the class during snack time (we have a double period one day and take it in turns to bring food in). No way could I have then said to them "Sorry but I don't eat things like that". They had put so much thought in to it and I was so touched. Unfortunatly it did send me into a bit of a cooked food binge and I had an indian takeaway for tea but next day was straight back into the raw.

  • pixxpixx Raw Master

    I eat what I want. I never decided to "go raw", it just so happens that most of my favorite foods *are* raw. When I found the raw food community, it was fascinating to see other "grownups" ate that way. (My mom had me convinced that it was childish to prefer my food "different". So when I grew up, I felt like a "closet raw eater". I had been for decades veiwing my consumption of raw veggies and fruit "smoothies" as indulgences, rather than meals.) I am now eating more raw, as I learn new ways to prepare things via the community.

    I have learned over the years, that certain foods do not do well in my body. I figured out in my late 20's- early 30's dairy was causing most of my allergies. So I dropped it. That's still an issue for me often, as dairy is in many things. So, sometimes I do face moments where I "can't" have what I want. I've recently found that my body does not do well with processed sugar, nor artificial sweeteners. So they are out. Only rarely do I want something with processed sugar, and on the few occasions I have gone ahead and eaten it, I have had fairly bad reactions, so I have learned to stay away.

    As for "healthy" cooked foods, I feel fine when I eat them, so I do, when I want them. It does seem in the past year or so, that the desire is less often, so maybe I am "in transition", but I don't tell myself I "can't have that" unless it makes me feel bad after eating it.

    Having said all of that, if I were in an area where raw was available in restaurants and other social settings, I would no doubt eat less cooked food. Social settings are definitely a big factor.

  • troublesjustabubbletroublesjustabubble Raw Newbie

    The main reason I never really get above 95% raw is that I have family. My husbands family is important to me and they're very much chefs and enjoy cooking meals. I eat what they make to keep happiness in my family and it's a small sacrifice that I can make and though I prefer raw always I do like the food they make and the social aspect of eating it with them. They're aware of my lifestyle and support it for me and give me options at their meals. I love being raw but I will never let food come between me and loved ones. It's not worth it.

  • superfood2superfood2 Raw Newbie

    Mine is 9, other. I use nutritional yeast on occasion to make otherwise raw foods for other people, but I don't eat nutritional yeast daily or weekly or monthly for myself. I guess the reason is the taste of the nutritional yeast, that I think these people will like the raw foods better with a little nooch.

  • I've been a striving vegetarian since I was 11 and I just went vegan completely for the first time at 41! Almost a year now, totally vegan and mostly raw since I quit smoking cigarettes May, 2009.

    When I lived alone I was raw, no problem. Now that I am with my family and making vegan dinners for them I have something cooked for dinner, not every day but often. I cook for other people who are not raw or vegan so I have the temptation of my fabulous low-fat veganized classic cooking. I manage to keep myself strictly vegan and about 50-75% raw. I prepare all my own food, nothing fried and no cooked fats.


  • Id have to say that #'s 2 and 7 are closest to why I eat both raw and cooked food. I also believe that it is not good mentally to become too obsessive about anything and I see people who are die hard raw become obsessed and even a little judgmental of people who eat cooked food as if they are smocking crack on the streets instead of eating a baked potatoe.

  • have_merseyhave_mersey Raw Newbie

    Sentimentality.. The fact that bread and tea have always been..(Ah, queenfluff you and I share this "problem"). It tastes fair, and it is cheap to make. Bread makes me feel very unhungry for hours (I guess the fact that it swells)..so on low budget days, it's also a life saver.. I know it's awful. 99% of the time it is homemade though. So little gluten if any at all, no sugar (well once in a while some honey on it), I try to make it the least damaging, and just enjoy. I'm coming off it now that winter is over though..Winter is expensive and there aren't many greens or fruits at the small, OVER-priced grocery stores here.

    And also.. again..sentimentality and bonding..On Holidays the entire family gets together and sits down, with less pecking at eachother & more at their plates, and we talk, reminisce etc.. I don't want to spoil the moment, or miss out on memories..plus it's winter and I tend to eat a little cooked food in winter already..

    So Sentiment is my #1 reason. :)

    Waterbaby...I am thoroughly impressed with your youth.

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