BeTheChangeBeTheChange Raw Newbie

Hey everyone! So, if you don’t know this already, I’m really big on celebrating the moon cycle, and I’ve found that a wonderful way to do that is through my eating habits. This month is especially wonderful because of the full moon on the 18th, followed by the summer solstice just a few days afterward. What a wonderful opportunity to celebrate change, growth, and renewal! I want to do some sort of cleanse or program that will celebrate this. I was thinking of doing one sort of fruit or vegetable a day for a few days, starting tomorrow? I want to do something fun and unique, not like an MC or anything, that will help me to appreciate the simplicity of things. I am at a major turning point in my life, having just graduated college etc, and I really want to make this a great few days and focus on everything that the solstice and moon has to remind us and offer us.

I am throwing out the invitation for anyone to join me who is wanting to connect with the moon during this amazing time, and to take some time out to celebrate simplicity. Especially for all you gourmet foodies, this might be a good chance to connect with the root of raw foodism: simple, whole foods. FOr those interested, you can do whatever foods you want, or even your own version of a cleanse or fast. Whatever you want, I’m not aiming to be too strict about this one. However, let me know what you’re doing so we can do this all together :)

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy moons.

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