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New w/questions

I am new and wondering:

-How many green smoothies do I need to have each day? How many cups of greens should I aim for in a given day?

-Should I devise a meal plan to make sure I am eating enough OR just eat only when hungry?

-If I want to lose weight, what things should I pay careful attention to?

-Will eating raw help with keeping my blood glucose levels normal?

Thanks in advance to everyone who takes time to respond.


  • WinonaWinona Raw Newbie

    to stay raw, eat when hungry – make sure you’re getting enough calories. that helps me stay away from cooked foods. always keep a raw snack around. eat lots of fresh veg/fruit/greens – eat whatever you desire and as much as you want of these items. they’re low cal, they’re good for you. if you feel like you’re overeating on fruit, DONT worry, you’re probably not (and you can do a quick calorie count to make sure you’re eating ENOUGH - and see that you can have loads of these fresh produce). otherwise DONT worry about calorie count. just eat when hungry. i eat 1 green smoothie and a salad with dark leafy greens every day. that could work for you, if you enjoy it.

  • angie207angie207 Raw Newbie

    What issues do you have with blood glucose levels?

  • Winona…I have been doing fine during the day BUT at night, I want a cooked meal. I am thinking of having a mono-meal as my before bedtime item. Is there any issue with having fruit before bed?

    I am finding that I am NOT hungry enough to consume huge amounts of fruit/veg. Should I force myself to eat even if I am NOT hungry. I know it’s a bad idea BUT I know I am NOT getting enough calories.

    I want to lose weight at a healthy and steady rate BUT I wanna make sure I am eating enough food and getting vitamins/nutrients.

    Angie-I am interested in bringing my blood glucose levels down/steady. I wanna prevent having to use diabetes meds in the future. I also wanna go off of my blood pressure medication in the next 2 months. I feel like going raw, even if NOT 100%, will help me do so.

    Thanks to the both of you for responding.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    you will most likely lose weight if you are at all overweight (even slightly) if you go 100% raw.

    I am so happy you are considering eating a lot of greens. they really helped me stick to raw and increase my energy. i have 1-2 green smoothies a day.

    I have run into times that i am not really hungry at night and have a smoothie for dinner. then i get enough greens. smoothies are amazingly filling but not very caloric if they are just greens and fruits.

    you will have some ebbs and flows in what you eat and how much as you figure it out.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Just listen to your body. Eat when you want to, eat how much you need to. Don’t worry about it, enjoy it. Turn the focus on finding delicious creative recipes and combinations rather than scales watching and carb/fat/calorie counting.

    It really helps some people to do a menu plan. A simple one could really help you to identify what you like to eat and when you have time to prepare it. If you did a menu plan it would mean that you look for recipes and write them down in one go, rather than having to wonder what you are going to have there and then when you are hungry. It would mean that you had all your recipes and shopping sorted out and organised, so I do think a menu plan would be useful, it would help you to take care of yourself well by getting organised. You need little things like being organised to support yourself as you transition.

    Check out my recipes on my profile, there are some filling ones on there that are great for transitioning with.

    Many people with diabetes find that it gets cured when they eat raw, it stabilises everything, your whole body system.

  • Thanks so much Zoe. I am gonna look for recipes and put a meal plan together this weekend.

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