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80/10/10 complexion

i thought i’d share a before and after shot of a guy called harley….he’s pretty well known in certain raw circles for being a no-holds barred raw vegan and ultra-endurance athlete….he is also now a year long 811’er who follows it to the letter…

he is actually more like 90/5/5 because he rarely eats overt fats….since becoming 811 he has almost quadrupled his b12 levels (interesting, huh) and is one big inspiration for a lot of 811 raw vegan folk

the picture on the left was taken this time, last year and is how he looked on 2 years gourmet (or ‘eat anything as long as it’s raw) raw…the picture on the right was taken this week…exactly a year later, after spending a year eating only fruits, greens and minimal fats

i’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions


have a nice day

p.s…he’s 30…and they’re is no photoshopping/airbrushing involved


  • picture didn’t work.

  • try now

  • They look like the same exact picture! One is fuzzy and the other is clear and cropped…..

  • actually, i cropped the pictures and placed them like that…i thought it made the comparison clearer

    obviously not

    so here is how it was originally presented…..


    the similarities in pose, haircut etc are obviously deliberate to show the differences, and it seems the photo from last year hasn’t aged very well, but i can see huge differences in oilyness,puffyness (especially cheeks and jawline)...well i guess i must be wrong

    where’d you go angie ???

  • To play :) I’m tired of debating; just want to have fun!

  • in the bigger picture he looks like he could be my student! (i teach 4th grade.)

  • yeah…to me he looks about 17, but with the skin of a healthy 2-year old (‘cept for the stubble :o) )

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