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Vitamin B12

I’ve been doing some reading, and everything I see says that in order to get vitamin B12 you have to eat eggs, dairy, and/or meat. Appearantly there is no raw food containing B12. Has anyone tried any good supplements they were happy with for this elusive little vitamin, or does anyone have more info. on this topic that I’m not aware of?


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    Try doing a search on the forums page for B12, you’ll get loads and loads of previous posts about it which might help you out.

  • you can read my responses to this question here:


    and a search as zoe suggested is also a good idea. many discussions of this topic are here and elsewhere; i highly recommend seeking gabriel cousens’ advice on this one.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    it is worth taking a b-complex to get all the b vitamins. i take vital nutrients b-complex. i DO think it is important to either supplement or have your blood levels checked periodically to see if you are running low.

    weird thing, i as a vegan did not have low levels of b-12 but my meat-eating sister was very low. weird.

  • Morning_theftMorning_theft Raw Newbie

    Not weird at all. I heard many claims that meat eaters require a lot more B-12. There are soooo many theories on the subject though. I personally was VERY deficient when I was 16 and a vegetarian, eating small amounts of dairy and eggs- I don’t think it was the lack of meat that did it- in fact I’m positive of it, (although doctors told me otherwise at the time) I was on birth control pills and those would mess up your absorption like crazy. So I know for a fact that being deficient is NOT FUN. In fact it feels awful. And yet I don’t recommend supplementing.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    (I heard) We need such little amount of B12, that it is barely noticeable in food and cannot be measured in food without the appropriate instrumentation to measure. If you have the right equipment, you will find B12.

    Plus, cabbage and comfrey is said to have B12, according to Living Cuisine by Underkoffler.

  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    a doctor told me that B12 deficiency is a problem for everyone and not just vegans and vegetarians. She said that many old people have B12 deficiency. I was chatting to a man the other day who must have been just in his early 40’s he was a SAD eater and he was having B12 deficiency!

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    Wow… even SAD eaters. Kinda makes me want to point fingers back at them for giving us a hard time about B12. ;-)

  • I looked at your earlier post, Earthmother. Very informative! Thanks everyone for your posts and advice. There’s a lot of info out there if we just know where to look.

  • This article by Gabriel Cousens is really informative on the subject: http://www.treeoflife.nu/whyb12

    I would recomend a suppliment too. Most B12 suppliments are made from growing bacteria like in nature and the fluid or sublingal (s?) ones are the best as studies has shown that we absorb it best in the mouth. And as Gabriel writes in this articl that the damages from being in lack of this vitamine is hard to heal up. We might be against suppliments but modern science has made it posible for us to live happy and healthy as vegans, making shure we can get the one substance that we cant get on the vegan diet :) we uses a lot of blenders, dehydrators a.s.o. in the rawfood diet, science and tecnology can be really usefull at times ;)

  • chriscarltonchriscarlton Raw Newbie

    Here is the best information available on B12…


    Lovebows, Chris

  • Earthmother213 -

    Where do you purchase your liquid B-12 supplement? Or could you recommend a source to purchase from.


    Chris and El-bo -

    Read the thread when was originally posted. My husband loved it!! However, we have to keep our dd in mind. So thanks for the information, but for obvious reasons not an option for children. :)

  • After I’d been eating the raw diet for about a month, my Dr. wanted to test my B12 and folate (she was running other tests already so she threw those two in). Both were normal. In fact, they were pretty high. I take Solgar B12 Sublingual Nuggets, 1000mcg each. I should mention that they are sweetened with the sugar alcohol mannitol and also contain natural cherry flavor. The folic acid I take is Country Life Folic Acid, 800mcg. I bought both of these at Nutrition World. The general belief is that we don’t absorb B12 very well when it’s taken orally (swallowed). But evidently it is very well absorbed when allowed to dissolve under the tongue. Hope this helps!

  • RawKidChefRawKidChef Raw Newbie

    Bee pollen, even though derived from bees, is vegan because it is not from the bees’ mouth. It is recorded the most nutritious food on the planet. It is full of B vitamins, including B12. Might I also suggest Wild Blue Green Algae.

  • Spirulina has B12. I use Micro-organics Hawaii Pacifica spirulina, which is cold air dried, so really raw. Yuri Elkaim talks about spirulina in his video, which you can watch here: http://www.reallygoodvideos.info/rawfood/video-...

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