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Hello everyone!

Hello to all! I recently stumbled across the Raw lifestyle while looking for juicing books, and ended up buying Raw Food real world instead. And I am soooo glad I did. I’ve been on a healing journey for a few months now, and going Raw seems like the best thing for me to do for myself. I was having terrible allergic reactions, and I have read on alot of postings that many people have cured themselves of allergies with Raw foods. This is a great website, I’m so glad I found it. I live in Boston and Raw activity is almost non existent here, even though it is a city. Sad. Well, thanks for listening. Wish me luck!


  • Hey greenmachine welcome :)

    Hey atleast you have organic foods, wholefoods markets and trader joes in Mass. I live in southern Italy and we have nothing, I buy my fruit and veg at a regular market and the only organic stuff I have access to is what my boyfriend’s dad grows (figs, oranges, tangerines) Also I do believe that Alissa Cohen is somewhere in Massacchussetts…welcome to this site, I love it too and the recipes here are awesome. Peace and Blessings, dea.

  • yo. yeah juicing is good and has definitely helped me out in living a raw lifestyle. carrot juice is just so good!(i like it simple) so having a juicer is very handy. good luck in your quest!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome greenmachine! Good Luck on your raw journey!

  • Thanks for the support! And you’re right deasmiles, I have a Whole Foods practically in my back yard, so I shouldn’t complain. And I am able to eat 100% organic. I’ll have to check out the Alissa Cohen site too. I did recently get a juicer, and now I have to make juice every morning or I feel incomplete.

  • Hi Greenmachine, I’m Originally from Sandwich and there was alot of raw stuff on the Cape ( ie; classes, teachers , pot lucks ). I know that there is a great raw food restaurant in Beverly called Organic Cafe, depending on where you live in Boston that should only be about a half hour away. Good luck and welcome.

  • Hi greenmachine,

    Thanks for the book reference. I am looking for a couple more to help me. I have the sunfood diet by david wolf, and Sproutmans kitchen garden, and Sunfood Cuisine by Patenaude. That’s a great way to put it- a healing journey. I am trying to get my boyfriend to eat more raw meals and he likes the idea that I am practicing dishes for when we go camping- like survival food. I need to get a juicer I know that could help me a lot. I am hoping raw can help my arthritis type symptoms. I feel like it has so far. I’ve had a couple mornings where I didn’t need to take ibuprophen and that’s amazing already. good luck with yours..=)

  • Whole foods and Trader Joe’s are both great. I shop both places frequently here in San Diego. I also go to a place called Ranchos, a health food store that is pure vegan and supports the raw food movement with a tremendous ammount of products and a Raw Food pot luck every month. They are making my transition much easier.

  • Good luck with the diabetes recovery goal. I would be very interested how your results go. I have a recipe I’m going to publish for raw squash slaw that uses apple cider vinegar that is good for controlling blood sugar. I’ve also hear echinacia and chromium pincolate can help.

  • Thanks again for all of the support!

    And spirit, I went to the Organic Cafe in Beverly a few weeks ago. It’s about 45 minutes from Boston, quite a hike. I didn’t really like it though, kind of got a bad vibe. I don’t get out to the Cape very often, but I’ll keep that in mind. Oh well, maybe I should start something in the city. All I’d have to do is win the lottery. Hah.

  • germin8germin8 Raw Master

    yeah, we went to Organic Cafe too… and it wasn’t very hospitable… but, my co-worker used to live there and she said that’s the Boston life… (I live near DC).

    The food was delicious!

  • Hi to all!! I’m Tim from San Diego. I started RAW about a year and a half ago and have really enjoyed the journey so far. I am looking forward to sharing experiences with you all and hearing tips, recipes, etc from everyone. Thanks!

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome Tim! So nice of you to join us! -Sunny

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