Hi! I have been a vegetarian for two years, vegan for 6ish months (not as consistent as I like) and am now looking into going raw. It seems like a logical progression to me, but I am not sure where to start….

Firstly, I live in a small town with two small (and expensive) health food stores. I’d like some ideas for simple meals/recipes that don’t involve fancy ingredients or gadgets.

Secondly, was how hard was it to make the transition to raw? Going vegetarian wasn’t a problem for me. Giving up animal products (cheese mostly) has been a great deal harder. I also found veganism led me to more packaged/processed/carb-y foods and I really want to detox from these.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated!


  • ZoeZoe Raw Newbie

    For easy recipes just search on this site. You’ll see that on the recipes page there is a column on the right which has symbols for what equipment each recipe uses, so you can pick the ones that use what you have. Click on my profile and check out my recipes they are usually simple, tasty and easy.

    I believe it is easy to transition, as long as you invest time and money into this. You will need a blender, a food processor and a juicer. A dehydrator will help you to make dry foods that stop cooked food cravings and to keep food costs down.

    I only buy normal food from normal shops, nothing in a package, all from the produce aisle. I don’t buy anything online or from special shops. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it can be. It is worth it, what better thing to spend money on than your body’s needs?

    Try my cheese recipe, everyone loves it, it is better than any vegan cheese I have ever tried.

    My advice would be to make loads of recipes, get stuck into enjoying this, make it a pleasure by making sure you have plenty of variety.

  • bittbitt Raw Newbie

    Hi followthe sun. Good for you for realizing that the vegan diet is not always a helathy one. And in 6 months too! It took me a lot longer to get there.

    there are a lot of fancy recipes on this site and out there but you don’t have to do them. although they do help the transition go better for some. like me! only being raw for 2 months, it has been helpful to have access to raw crackers, raw bars, cacao, stuff like that for occasional use. it keeps me from “cheating”. you can either order them online if your health food store doesn’t have them, or get the dehydrator to make your own.

    most of the time i eat fairly simply, green smoothie for breakfast, salads for dinner and lunch. if you search “salad” on here most of those recipes can be made without any special tools. if you search the forum for daily diets or meal plans you will get some idea of what people eat which might give you some ideas. also look for some raw blogs for inspiration.

  • Thanks for the info! Now to make out a shopping list and hit the stores, hurray! :-)

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