Tempuratures and Enzyme preservation

Here is a link to some great detailed info on preserving enzymes and the “rawness” of our food during our various types of preparation.The research that is quoted was performed by some of the worlds leading scientists and authorities on plant enzymes and exposure to tempuratures. Most of us will recognize at least one of the folks in the liturature.I know it is something we are all concerned about when using various methods of food preparation. Whether it is your high speed blender that generates heat by friction, or your dehydtator with hot air, or just plain old hot water, I know we all want to make sure we are not killing our food.Although it is from a food dehydrator company, the information applies to all types of heat with regard to enzyme integrity. Hope this helps some folks feel better about eating your dehydrated crackers or a warmed bowl of soup on a cold day!!

From the “Exalibur” dehydrator web site at http://www.excaliburdehydrator.com/vegetarian.htm

From the “Letter to Raw Foodists”, “Twenty years ago Ann Wigmore spoke to Roger Orton personally and said that the food temperature had to go above 120 degrees for a period time before the enzymes were destroyed. Again in our discussions with Viktoras he said the same thing.”

Check out the whole article http://www.excaliburdehydrator.com/enzymes_and_…

This company has done extensive research and teamed with many respected raw foodist to get their input and research. They offer an impressive amount of info regarding preserving enzymes as well as ways you can test your foods to see if they are still active and “alive” Enjoy!

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