Raw Newbie

Hi all! Yeah, I’m a newbie. I was ovo-lacto-veg. for 6 months and then went vegan/ 50% raw in the last month or so. This week was 100% raw and WOW the detox. No one warned me as I don’t know any other vegans or raw food people. I researched all the recipes, nutrition, and benefits but forgot to look up detox :)

I should have known because I had a pretty bad detox when I went veg. I thought, “Ehhhhh, it won’t be that bad, I already went through this when I went veg.” Ha ha ha ha ha! I probably have the bad detox because I quit drinking as well a while back and didn’t skip a beat. Anyway, I figure the health benefits must be awesome because I am really paying for the detox now. I guess I am staying raw because I simply don’t ever want to go through this again!! Oh yeah, and then there’s the 6 lbs. I lost this week which I didn’t see coming either. I am sooo happy and excited to see where this takes me!!! I needed this so bad!! My body is thanking me already!! Peace E


  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    I had a pretty bad detox too, so I can sympathize. Congratulations on sticking with it!

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