Whoa! Raw! That sounds crazy! or at least it did before i started researching it a bit. Then I found how great it really was and much better I would be for doing it. Basically, while searching for cookbooks I stumbled upon some raw books and was intrigued. I went home and started to research it and it all just made all the sense in the world. I tried it for a couple of days and felt amazing! WOOT! So i decided to stick with it … and its been kinda a struggle .. but not much of one since all the benefits were amazing and cooked food just brought me down.

So anyway … my name is Juliana and I am so glad to have found this sight. Its great to have someone to talk to about rawness. Most people think I’m crazy. So hi to everyone!


  • Hi Juliana,

    So glad you are raw. Hang in there, I am doing it alone with very little support here where I am, so all my support is virtual (via the internet) but its great! I have been raw for a little over 46 days and have seen some amazing results. :) Blessings, Dea.

  • spiritedmamaspiritedmama Raw Newbie

    Welcome Juliana! So glad you found raw!

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