to spirooli, or not to...

Hello all!! Happy spring! I am debating treating myself to a “spirooli” slicer, and was wondering if they are the bomb, or if i should seek out something else. any suggestions? Happily hooked on raw zucchetti, leigh


  • They are the BOMB! Get one! I LOVE mine! It is better than the round shaped Spirializer if you ask me. :)

    You can make several sizes of your raw zucchetti with it. I make raw potatoe chips with mine too. So easy to clean too!

    I got mine from Target’s website over a year ago and it is the exact same thing as the Spirooli but it doesn’t say Spirooli on the box.

  • leigh starleigh star Raw Newbie

    quuenfluff, YOU are da bomb!!! thanks muchly! ;) i’m gonna get right on that! cheers, leigh

  • I use my spiralizer to make a wonderful picnic lunch for Mother’s Day:…

    Lots of fun. Do it up. :)

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